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    I would like to thank everyone in this thread for all the advice given. We have started to implement what has been discussed here and things are working out wonderful. We can already see a change in George. We have subsequently introduced Zoey and George to each other and I am pleased to announce that they are now bust of friends. I personally think the gate we put up in the house between the two and praise we gave him when around Zoey help a lot. Me and my fiancé are so happy and pleased at this outcome. We cannot believe the attitude change in George toward the pup. They are now left alone and play happily. George is even starting to show protective properties toward the pup. It is puzzling to me his first reaction and aggressive attitude toward Zoey in the beginning and the 180 he showed this weekend toward her. Once again thanks for all the help. At this moment we are very VERY happy that they have finally become friends.

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    That's wonderful.....keep up the training and hopefully things will continue to move in the right direction for y'all.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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