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    A silly question about shedding!

    I see that Gugul has started shedding. She is 4 months now. She was dark golden before. Now i am able to see white, black and yellow in her. Assuming that she is a beagle mix, and she sheds every year,will her color also change every year? Or is she loosing her puppy fur and this color will be permanent. Thank you!

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    I have no clue what the answer to that question would be. :) But it isn't uncommon for puppies to shed their baby coats and the adult coat be a bit different.

    I know Danes "blow" their coats when they are adolesants and then their shiny, sleek adult coat comes in. During blowing though, blacks will appear reddish or rusty. They sometimes get a "moth eaten" look about them (first time I saw this I ...especailly fawns.

    My Weimaraner who will be 6 in September changes color during the different seasons. In the winter he is a darker, mouse gray color and in the summer when he sheds his winter coat he's a light, silvery color.
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    Abby was a very light cream colored puppy. Now she has definite tan colored markings on her back, shoulders, back of legs, ears, and face.

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    Thank you, countrychic 10 and ritabooker.

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    My dane is 8 months old and she has lost her puppy coat and on to big girl hair. Got to love the shedding!

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    Shedding for dogs is very common. even short coated breeds shed. my dauberman, she is 10 years old and short coated she shed every year, i can help her only by combing her coat with brush.



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