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    I think so, too. Thank you, DogMom.

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    Thank you, ritabooker. I would love to see Abby's recent picture :D .

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    She has a very gentle face, and it is a beautiful one, at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mypet
    Thank you, ritabooker. I would love to see Abby's recent picture :D .
    Here is her most recent photo...maybe 2 months ago.

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    Thanks, ritabooker. She is so cute and looks majestic. I am so poor in finding breeds. What breed is she?

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    Abby says "Thanks!"...she is all embarrassed, now. She is a Custom Deluxe(Heinz 57) dog. Her vet says Lab/American Eskimo, and forum members have guessed: parts of Beagle, Terrier, Pitbull, Chow, Sheltie, Husky and maybe a tad Collie, Lab, Golden Retriever.

    I love mutts, they are so much fun to wonder about. At class one night, a lady looked at her for a few moments and then asked "Is she a... Rescue?"
    I loved it because I had the feeling she was searching her mind for a breed and decided she could not pin it down.

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    Interesting! Looking at Abby. I had Labrador and Husky in my mind. I have seen that tail before. I love mutts, too. We have to keep guessing. It's also fun. I feel like sometime later, i want to go for DNA test to find Gugul's breed :D .

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    Bet everyone would be able to guess what kind of breed Peter is! He is beautiful...



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