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    Actually my first impression was Boxer/JRT mix. That kind of mix would explain the smaller size too as neither of them are very big dogs (not in my opinion anyway--but my lap dog and "bed mate" is 140 lbs). LOL

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    I don'e the muscles in her face for a bully type breed to be there. Once shes grown she'll show a little better with leg length and all.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Thank you, DogMom. When i was browsing, i saw Scout, in this given link, the second one , a JRT/beagle pup, almost looks similar (except Gugul is thinner) to Gugul. Especially her standing posture and the face. Though Gugul has put on some weight now, she looked almost the same as Scout, last month. I will upload her standing picture tomorrow.

    Do you see a beagle in her?

    Thank you, celtechfarms. I am happy that there is no bully breed in her. She is such an awesome puppy. Is JRT a bully breed?

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    Nope..JRT is in the terrier group. Used for hunting vermin and such. Active, playful lil' dogs.

    Plus..Bully breeds are not what the public makes them out to be. With proper (and extensive) training and socialization they can be great pets. Personally I have no affection of Pitt bulls, Staffies or Bull Terriers but that is more of a personal preferance than a hate of a particular breed.
    Boxer's on the other hand..I LOVE them! :)

    I agree that I don't see the broadness of skull of facial muscles to make me think "Bully Breed".

    Begal could be a possibility as well......
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Now that I have seen the JRT/Beagle mix pictures, your pup does look alot like a couple of the pups on that page.

    I think Celtech was saying that your dog does not look like a bully breed, but if I am off-base here, Celtech can let us know.


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    Yes, i misunderstood. Now, I got clear. Thanks, ritabooker.

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    I like this picture. Thought of sharing with you all. Gugul is playing with our neighbor's kids. She loves kids.

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    :lol: :P that angle almost gives a lab appearance.

    I think you've got a bonified heinz 57 there!

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    She is very sweet. Her loving kids is super. I was so relieved to find that Abby loves to play with kids.



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