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Thread: Mypets post

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    Mypets post

    Mypet had posted a question in this category, and when I responded to it, I had trouble posting my reply and the thread went away.

    Sorry Mypet, I don't know how I could have removed your thread but it is gone, or maybe I am losing my mind. Hope not. :shock:

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    To ritabooker

    No, you are not. I think we both were checking AF at the same time. I thought of reframing the question and when i was trying to do so, it got deleted accidentally.
    I am sorry about that. Anyways, thank you, ritabooker.

    My question was: What should a vet check during the first visit?

    Our vet did not check the weight, no physical check-up. Just removed the sutures(coz she was spayed) and gave some vaccines. Is this routine? Am i expecting more ? I thought i should share, so that i will get a clear idea. Thanks again!

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    When I took Abby to have her staples removed after surgery for a fibroma, the vet just did the removal and that was it. She did not need to be weighed that day because she had been in 12 days before and they had to weigh her before admininstering anesthesia.

    When I take her for her shots or an annual wellness check, he checks her heart and lung sounds, I usually remind him to check her ears for odds and ends, and he looks at her eyes because we had some issues with her eyes early on. Most visits she gets on the scale before she goes into the procedure room.

    He knows we like her to be checked thoroughly whenever possible, but we both also think he has that same concern without our input.

    The day we took her for stitches it was just a follow-up and she had been in surgery 12 days before where he would have had every opportunity to check her thoroughly.

    If you paid for a check-up, then you should have gotten one. Abby's last visit for vaccines, we paid for a check-up and vaccines. Ordinarily, the vet is not expected to check the dog for ticks. That is something we do on a regular basis.

    If you have a concern about something specific, you may have to schedule an appointment for that...but if I had something I wanted checked the day Abby had her staples out, I would have asked and if it was something quick he would have done it, and billed accordingly. If it was something time-consuming I probably would have had to bring her back later.

    It sounds like you are not as comfortable with your vet, yet. Don't be afraid to make your wishes known and see if he responds. Maybe it will just take time for you to build a relationship with your vet. Or, maybe this is not the vet for you.

    I hope someone else will post regarding this. I would like to see how others are being treated, also.

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    Thank you, ritabooker. I appreciate all your help. I did tell the phone attendant that the visit is for the wellness check-up and also for the removal of sutures. I also told that the history of the pup and i am visiting their clinic for the first time. Anyways, Thanks for your input. I just thought i should know the routines before i take any decision. As you know, i am first time pet owner and i am still learning.

    Thank you for your quick response :D .

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    If you scheduled a wellness checkup on the phone, and the vet did nothing but take out the stitches, then I don't know. I think I would be looking for another vet.

    I get all snarky if I pay for a check-up and did not get one. Sometimes there are not a lot of options and folks opt to put up with a less than ideal situation.
    It depends on what is available to you.

    Maybe I am off-base, but to me a check-up is weight, ears, eyes, heart and lungs. :?

    Hopefully someone will give their 75 cents worth on this issue.

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    If its the first time ever going to that vet, I would say thats very slim for the check, in fact, I'd be down right scared to go back. When our dog was having health issues and we switched vets because our vet wasen't open, my new vet asked a ton of questions, what the other vets had done, did a full exame, and a weight check. But in our area our dogs are weight checked as soon as you walk in the door. The scale is sitting in the reception area, and the receptionists ask you if you have weighed your dog yet, and if you haven't they will assist you in doing so to record it on your pets chart. Personally, I would bulk at anyone giving my dog vaccines that hasen't first been examined and without first asking many questions to see which ones the dog needed.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    It's possible that there were some communication errors between the secretary and the vet before your visit. I'm not sure that I've ever seen anyone actually write down "wellness check". For every vet I've ever taken my animals to, when the vet walks in the door he always starts out with something along the lines of "hi there, how are you" followed by "what are we here for today". If I say "we're here to have the stitches removed from the spay" then pretty much all that gets done are the stitches get removed. And then we're out the door; unless I ask the vet to do something more.

    Chances are very high that a check was done prior to the surgery too. They would have checked her weight and her color and whatnot to make sure that she was physically capabale of handling the surgery. If they had concerns she was underweight or suffering from some internal parasite or something they probably wouldn't have done it at all.

    You can call back and ask them questions. Ask them if they happen to have a current weight on her.....chances are whoever answers will tell you to hold while she gets your file and when she comes back on she'll probably say "on this day (day of surgery) she weighed so much". You can ask if the vet felt there were any concerns and she'll probably respond with something like "he didn't write anything down so I'd say he thinks she's in excellent shape".

    If you're that concerned or upset, sure, find another vet. But remember that vets are extremely busy and a lot of times they won't go into any great detail about things they "find" that don't concern them. My vet taking the time to tell me how much my dog weighs is of little concern to me. I don't really care how much she weighs. By her appearance and abilities I know that her weight is comfortable and appropriate. I don't need him to waste time from his busy day to tell me my dog is healthy. You know? I know if she loses a lot or gains so much that her safety is in jeapordy the vet would say something to me. So until that happens, I'm not losing any sleep. hehe

    You are doing an excellent job as a new pet owner. Try to relax and remember that sometimes you have to be very specific with questions and what you want answers to. It's not that they don't want to give you answers; it's more that some people just don't care about certain things that raise no concern to the health of the animal.

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    Thank you, dogmom. I was so concerned, coz i adopted my pup from Shelter :D . They did the surgery. They did not have her weight written on the record. My pup is a mixed breed. The SPCA said the pup is shep mix. But she looks small for a shep. I am a first time pet owner and do not have much expertise. The visit to the vet was the first time. I thought it is my responsibility to know how healthy she is. I could not even ask many questions coz he was always in and out of the check-up room. Anyways,Thank you for your input.



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