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Thread: dalmatians

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    remeber i lost a dal,well we have given some time and decided we want another one and one has came up hes another dal.
    just some q's

    all we are bothered about is some people have been to see her and not got her mainly as she is a guard dog so when people go in she barks,were a little worried she might be very livly and that,she is 8 months but not forgetting as the lady selling her has 2 10 month old babies shes not getting much walks,and she is mainly in the yard,anything we can do to calm her down a biut she is 8 months.
    we would take her training classes.
    apparenntly they said people have been put off because shes a guard doog and when people come in to see her she barks .so if we got her and she got used to her would she stop that etc and not growl or go for us?

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    There may be someone here qualified to make that assessment...just not me.

    If no one turns up soon, you should consult a behaviourist or trainer or both.

    Glad you are willing to give a dog a home.

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    She hasn't got a new home because she barks when people come to see her?? It is normal for a dog to bark when strangers approach and I would be a bit put off if a stranger comming up evoked no response from a dog..JMO though.

    Now the it just a typical bark and then she settles when she is introduced to new people or is she being aggressive and unapproachable around new people?

    If it's just general barking and not aggression then I see no reason why that should be a put off for a new potential owner.

    As far as what you can do to calm her down....socialization classes would be a MUST, as well as basic obedience. Plenty of mental and physical excercise and one more thing.......remember that she's a PUPPY. :) She's going to be hyper and goofy..that's just a puppy. With proper training and attention she'll most likely mellow out on her own as she ages.

    Good luck and I hope you eventually find the dog that's a match for you and your family.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    hopefully this is the one,yes we will take her classes,i dont know as we havnt seen her yet ill lok on saterday what shes like,
    how hyper is hyper,what will she do/want?

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    Hyper can be defined in a ton of different ways because people perceive things differently.

    For instance..I'm a Dane lover through and through, and have owned mostly Great Danes my entire life. They are mellow and laid back for the most part and super content to hang out with me around the house and are not excessive in their demands for games and such.

    In Weimaraner is totally different and when he was young I considered him to be "hyper". He would bounce all over the house, whine and drive you crazy to play with him, was tireless in all activities and basically drove me crazy until he grew up a bit. :) It seemed he never ran out of energy and it took alot of of me to make sure he got all the excercise he required so he would be content and calm inside when he needed to be.

    My Danes I can take for a walk every day and play fetch and such, or they settle with just romping around the yard.

    My Weimaraner HAD to have walks every day, plus multiple games of fetch and challenging physical activities..if we slacked up on this just in the slightest he was a hyper mess and drove us insane.

    As a puppy the dog will have more energy and such so as long as she gets plenty of excercise and mental stimulation I'm sure you won't have a problem.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    ok well i hopoe she isnt too crazy were you dont get a minutes peace.but hopefully she will be nice and hopoefully not barking or growling.should we take some biscuits etc to give to her.

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    I couldn't access either of these sites, but congrads on the new dog.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Got a "server not found" message on both links. When you get a chance, post some pictures for us :D

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    yep might be later or tommorow.i think its becuase your in the USA.



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