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Thread: A Hard Month

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    A Hard Month

    Well, in a months time, I have had to say goodbye to not only 1, but 2 family members that I never had for very long... Even so, I loved them, and became extremely attached... I really miss them... And the worst part of it all, is that in both cases... No vet could tell me what was wrong....
    My Guinea Pig, Squiggles died on Sunday... She had been taken to 2 different vets, and I got the same answer from both... They told me they didn't see anything that indicated she was sick... Even though she had stopped eating and drinking completely within 3-4 days time.
    My little parakeet, Peep died about 1 week before... I had to take him to a vet in a different town, and didn't make it in time... They told me that it may have been from the breeder weaning him too early, but they didn't know without doing an autopsy. He never showed any signs of being sick really... I just woke up and saw him sitting on the bottom of his cage.

    All I know, is that I don't feel like buying any animal from a pet store anymore... Both came from DIFFERENT pet stores, and I lost both 1 month after getting them.

    Squiggles was extremely vocal, and it seems so quiet without her here... She loved attention, and she was quite spoiled when it came to getting her own way. Before being fed, she would do little "popcorn" jumps around my bed and run around in circles... Coming over occasionally to get a treat of course.

    Peep first caught my eye due to how beautiful he was... I have seen hundreds of parakeets... But he was a first when it came to his colors. On top of being so pretty, he was also a total sweetheart... He spent very little time in his cage... He was happier being able to wander around the room. He liked to sit next to squiggles cage and watch her eat... And he was constantly trying to talk to her.

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    So sorry you and your pets have been through this. At least they had someone as caring as you to live with during their short time. They know you love them. Condolences to you.

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    I m so so sorry for your losses. These pets are very beautiful and looking very cute in this pics. I know you loved them and they also knew this. It is such a awful time for you and difficult to deal with this grief.
    Death of pets in just short time is very painful to you. I understand your feelings, what you feel in this time. Don't be depressed.
    My condolences for you.



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