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    bush bungles again..

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    i was reading the latest recall on some other foods that came out earlier this week and all I could do was roll my eyes in disgust and disapointment.

    then i went to the FDA website and read how they handle recalls like this. first a person calls them to say the dog got sick. then the fda goes and researches/tests the food and THEN if they find bad stuff they'll issue the recall. so with this way it's possible the food has been on the shelves for over a month or more before its recalled.

    i give up. i read the natural balance website last week cause i was gonna just buy it for my dogs and cats but the store was out when i went so i just got raw stuff for them for awhile. then the nb got added to the recall list.

    i'm all done--my dogs and cats are doing a lot better on raw and barf anyway. they always got it as a supliment but not 100% of it for meals. but they do now. and i had a lady over yesterday looking at some puppies i have that i'm fostering for my shelter and she came right as i was feeding my big dogs and my cats (which was whole cornish game hens for the dogs and salmon for the cats) and she went crazy with me. she threatened to call the police and report me for neglect cause I'm not feeding them a well balanced store-bought healthy diet or something like that. i told her to go ahead and then gave her the number for the shelter and the supervisors name. hehe

    but i'm tired of this. i'm still monitoring the recalls and all but i figure if i go raw and barf then i don't need to freek out if they name a brand my pets had been eating. rather go with raw then kidney failure.

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    I am stunned that someone was so ignorant as to consider your feeding raw to be abusive. What the heck is going on out there?...don't really want to know.

    I think you have made a wise choice for your fur-kids. I have to reconsider the Natural Balance supplement which we feed Abby. The dog food roll is not part of the recall, but Natural Balance is continuing to use American Nutrition Inc. for their manufacturer, and I just don't trust American Nutrition Inc. after the sleezy way they substituted ingredients.

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    i like the way you put that. a few people have said i can keep using such and such food and it'll be okay and maybe so, sure they haven't been added to the list, but i just don't trust it. i guess in a sense i've lost my faith in the foods. and then learning how the fda investigates before issuing a recall or a warning that the food is potentially dangerous just helped my uneasyness with kibble. i'm sorry but i just don't trust most of the companies. purina is saying don't worry, it was just the two foods that were recalled and they don't use the rice or wheat in there foods and so on and so forth but i can't trust it. heck, even some human foods give warnings on the label that for example the product contains no peanuts but it is made in a plant with other products containing peanuts. so obviously some foods are made in the plant with the wet foods that were recalled so why shouldn't i be just as worried with the foods that don't contain those products if they are at least made in the same place the bad stuff is in??

    it's disapointing. i'm very upset.



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