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    my pup was alone

    My puppy was alone for couple of hours. My neighbor told that she was whining and barking the whole time. Will she become wild if she is alone everyday for few hours? She wants someone near her everytime other than her nap time. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanx.

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    A couple of hours is not that long for a pup to be alone. I am hoping she will adjust. Don't fret yet. It is early in this doggie's experience.

    When Abby was "alone" for a couple of hours in her kennel outside she would whine and bark endlessly. And that was with us just 40 feet away inside the house. We would pull the shade and pretend we could not hear.
    It sounds cruel, but we were watching her the whole time. Eventually she got over this panic response. They just need time to realize that the world does not end because you are not there holding their paw.

    There will be others to give you more advice and maybe some distractions to try. I hope your neighbor is not being too disturbed by this because that is a different problem. Good luck.

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    Thank you, ritabooker. My neighbor is a wonderful lady. So, no problem. I was so worried coz i have two kids at home and i could not spend the whole time with her. If barking and whining (during those few hours) are normal for all puppies, then i am fine. Thanks again!

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    You are going to do fine because you care enough to ask questions.
    I think it is normal for a puppy to cry because it wants to be close to you all the time. I think it is also normal for them to eventually get used to the idea of being on their own sometimes.

    The puppy will probably adjust. If you can take it to obedience classes at your local dog club and make sure it gets socialized properly, it will help to make the pup well rounded, and it may just relax and sleep while you are absent.

    Obedience class is alot more fun than it sounds, and rewarding, too.

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    Thank you for all your suggestions :D. I will sure enroll her in the obedience classes.

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    Just like a newborn baby a puppy needs attention too.

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    My rottie is 11 weeks old, we have been crate training him just like we did with our first dog for when we go out etc.We leave the crate by the dog gate to the kitchen so he can see my other dog still(she i female if that helps).
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