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    Quote Originally Posted by celtechfarms
    Must be ferinhit humans can only survive to 50 C so 60 C is very very warm. My fish are swimming tons right now, but I have only had them for a day now. The plant that came with the aquarium said it was a silk plant, it felt fabric to me, I'll keep in mind to use plastic if this one fades. As for the feeding, I kind of have a combo of fish, some eat at the top, while others go to the bottm and others still catch stuff in between, I'm mainly worried about the slower fish missing out on food, I'll have to watch that. I also have no idea which are males and which are females, if there is even a gender diffrence, so hopefully there wont be any babies, though one looks like a very fat fish.

    Thanks for advice.
    yeah your right, its good you made it, thanks for the help

    Silk Plants

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    You have done a great job.Thanks for sharing that, it was wonderful of you.

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    Fantail gold fish are another hardy fish that are good for the beginning aquarist. They only grow to a moderate size (approximately 6 inches) and are quite manageable either in a pond or an aquarium setting.

    As with other goldfish the fantail is a pretty messy fish to put it mildly. You will need to regularly clean the tank even if it is properly filtered. In terms of food the fantail gold fish will eat all sorts including flake and pellet food, blood worms and frozen food. It is best to feed them once per day and only enough food so that there will be no food left on the surface or on the bottom after five minutes.

    Fantails have an egg-shaped body and can have a variety of colors including red, white, black, calico or a mixture of several of these colors. Their distinctive tail is obviously their defining quality from which they’ve been named. Their tails really can be quite beautiful. To be accurate it is their caudal tail (tail fin) that is like a fan that billows out as they casually swim up and down the tank or pond. I really find the forking of the tail fin a most beautiful feature of the fantail.
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