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    I have a five month old puppy. Her name is Starbuck.

    She is now having seizures.

    Funny but when we first got her she was a jewel, smart, calm and everyday we were amazed at how wonderful a dog she was.

    As good dog owners we took her to get her shots. Everything started happening AFTER she started her shot series.

    First she was vaccinated against Parvo. One week after getting the shot, she contracted Parvo, we almost lost her not to mention the 2000,00 we paid to put her in the hospital.

    She was house bound to decrease the chances of getting Parvo. How she contracted is debatable i suspect it was the vaccines.

    She survived and of course we were thrilled. We bonded, trained her to do amazing tricks and welcomed her as a part of our family. She was house bound still at this point.

    All was well and to continue being the responsible dog owners we are, continued with her shots.. one week after receiving her third set of vaccinations, she began having seizures.


    Now our sweet dog is having seizures on a weekly basis. I will not elaborate on how stressful and heart breaking as well as expensive this is but I completely understand all the emotions other dog owners are having when their pet goes through this.

    We are now on the usual drugs which are not really working. She cant go out to play or anything that causes excitement. If she has too much fun she suffers from seizures when she goes to sleep. The seizures have become clusters mainly on the weekends.

    They have not told us that because they happen in her sleep, that may be "significant". Translation: Now we have to go to a specialist. We cannot afford this and if the is what the vet tells us, we will have to make the decision to either give her away or have her put to sleep. This is heart breaking to say the least.

    I believe that these problems are caused by vaccinations. I am not a veterinarian, i am just looking at cause and effect.

    Another reason I believe that vaccinations are the culprit is the experience i had with my ferret Duke. Duke was a healthy, fun loving house bound ferret, and being the responsible pet owners we are we took Duke to the vet to get his first series of shots. He had an immediate reaction to the shot and suffered an allergic reaction.

    One to two weeks after receiving his shots he began to get sick, no one could tell us why. I tried to save him, staying up nights, forcing food and everything else I could do to help him, but he just wasted away and after losing so much weight and suffering a seizure we had him put to sleep. They never determined the cause and we spent 3,000 on tests.

    Shots are a necessary evil I understand but I also believe that they kill our animals, cause family members all sorts of heartbreak and drain our bank accounts.

    My only hope is that if we ever decide to bring another animal into our house we pray that they will survive the vaccinations.

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    I don't know enough about the science to comment, here...except to say I am sorry for the heartbreak you and your sweet dog are going through.
    I hope you find some answers.

    Your pictures are great.

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    Thank you for your kind words.. here is some information someone posted in another forum..

    please check this out...

    Vaccinations are necessary, but many vets give the 5-in-one combo, rather than single vaccines spaced at least a month apart, and give them at the same times as the Rabies vaccination, and then insist on doing this annually. Thank God for the new protocol, but not all vets are following it, nor do they inform their patients' owners of the risks. Here's a good read on vaccinations, why they are dangerous, and what you can do:

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    I think today is the day

    I still feel as though there is a connection to the vaccines our dogs are given.
    I began this post about two weeks ago and accepted the new medications the doctors offered. Yesterday Starbuck had a seizure again and then began siezuring every hour.

    I took her to the vet and at the time of this writing she is in the hospital still seizuring every hour in her sleep.

    The vets are clueless and tell us that while they can control the seizures in the hospital, they cannot when she is home. There are only two options at this point and that is to pay thousands of dollars for tests, which we cannot afford or have her put to sleep.

    I am devastated and know that if they do not come up with a miracle before the end of the day, we may never see her again as we will have to have her put down.

    In the short time i have had starbuck, i have bonded to her and will miss her terribly. I feel as though it was the vaccines and unless someone can show me there is no link i am certain that there is something terribly wrong with the shots our animals are given to "Protect Them".

    We have spent thousands of dollars to date on sweet starbuck and countless hours of agony to no avail and today may be the day to decide to let her go.

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    I am so sorry for Starbuck. And condolences to you and your family.
    It is so hard sometimes to care for a pet. You have been taking the best care that you can, and have given her a loving home. No one expects more than that, especially Starbuck. Hugs to you. I hope something works out.

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    Maybe you have seen this website:

    It confirms that seizures can be triggered by vaccinations, but that is not the same as what you and Starbuck are battling. To me, "triggered" insinuates that one seizure may take place because of an underlying condition. Thanks for posting the link to the vaccination information.

    There are some other causes of seizures listed in this article. You have probably already read every article out there on the subject. I hope for something to break positive for you. I googled the topic in hopes of finding something more illuminating. Hugs to you and Starbuck.

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    Starbuck is dead

    Thanks to all of you that have written me about Starbuck. Many of you are asking how she is doing.

    My poor little baby died. Actually she started seizuring every hour and they could not control the seizures. We had to make the decision to put her down.

    The day of my last entry was the day we had to go down to Mohnacky Animal Hospital to say goodbye. When we got there she was awfully drugged up.

    We carried her out to the front lawn and laid her on the grass to hug and hug and hug. It was awful, one the the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life.

    I kept her with me as long as possible, I did not want to let her go but because it was the end of the day and they were closing, my other half wrenched her out of my arms and took her in to get the shot.

    I followed him into the room and stayed with Starbuck until the doctor came in to give her the shot that would end her life.

    Starbuck had another seizure just before, it was heartbreaking to see. I could not watch them kill her so Starbuck's daddy stayed with her until she died.

    I loved that dog. I trained her, took her everywhere when she was able to go out, sat by her in the hospital, drained my bank account to try and save her only to have to put her to sleep. I am devastated.

    She was only 5 months old and in those five months I developed a bond so strong with this animal that will never break even in death.

    I firmly believe that the vaccines contributed greatly to Starbuck's ill health and ultimate death.

    We were never told that vaccines could kill or make your animals sick.

    We were never given the option or information needed to make a decision to give her these vaccines. It is only after the fact and much research then we have found out about the controversy over vaccines and their effects on our animals.

    I miss Starbuck.. She was a very special animal. She is forever in my heart.

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    I am so very sorry to hear about your tragic loss. I am an advocate of reduced vaccines and I throughly believe they are dangerous and many vets overlook what can (and does) happen because of over vaccinating.

    My Brutus was given the 7 in 1 puppy shots by an idiot of a vet and the end result was a severely suppressed immune system that then later led to Demodectic mange. Major pain, but I won't complain too much because I'm just thankful that is the only thing that went could have been much, much worse.

    Here is a site you may find helpful. It belongs to a very dear friend of mine who has personally lost dogs to vaccines.

    There are educational links, and also a few with some other people's personal stories.

    Again, I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time. RIP Starbuck :cry:
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    I am livid but what can i do

    I know now that my initial suspicions about the vaccines are even more validated as I research and read about vaccines and the effects they have on our animals.

    They killed my beloved Starbuck and I want to know how can they get away with this? How can they be allowed to kill our animals?

    Why did they not tell us the risks and give us the information needed to make an informed decision before they began to suck the life from my puppy?

    Shouldn't vets be REQUIRED to tell us the possible side effects of these vaccines? Isn't this required if it were a human?

    I realize pets are not humans but none the less our animals are loved too and I think that it should be a requirement to inform people about the side effects and hazards.

    There is no excuse and why is this not a requirement? Is this all money motivated? Is this a case where vets just clean up on people who are trying to save their pet?

    Not once did my vet even suggest that these vaccines are dangerous, not once did they admit to me that vaccines are dangerous or even controversial.

    Only when i told them of my suspisions did they glaze over the fact that in rare cases things can go wrong.

    Funny but received an email today from someone who took their animal to the same vet we did and they suspect it made their dog sick too after gettng the vaccines. I really wonder how "Rare" this really is...

    How can they make u pay to give them these vaccines and then clean up in the costs to try and save them from the effects?

    After reading some of the links, I noticed a few other symptoms suffered by Starbuck after receiving the vaccines including the rashes and chewing at her paws.

    Before the vaccines, she had no problems what so ever, she was a healthy and happy housebound dog.

    What can I do about this? My bet is absolutely nothing. I have such a large hole in my heart and I want answers.

    I want justice for my little girl. She was a happy healthy puppy until I took her to the vet. I want my Starbuck back...... sigh...

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    Condolences to you for the loss of Starbuck. I am so sorry this has happened.



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