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    You better find a better vet, if that's the case. By the way, your pics are funny. I can picture out Starbuck in a film with that other dog.

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    It is not the Vet

    If you do some research on vaccines, you will see that it is not the VET it is the vaccines and their effects.

    In one of my posts I detailed the situation of Duke my ferret and the horrible vaccine reaction he had and ultimately died.

    That vaccine was administered by a different vet. It is the vaccines and the immune systems of our pets and the controversery of over vaccinating that is the culprit.

    If you are really interested, I highly suggest you do some research on the internet in order to aquaint yourself with the possible dangers.

    Thanks for the comment on the pictures of starbuck, i was lucky to catch the silly happy faces she made when she was really happy. Just another thing about her that I loved.

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    Condolences to you for the loss of Starbuck... :cry:

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    starbuck looked very happy with u and u should be proud because she suffered but stayed sdtrong and thats all that counts

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    This is really sad... I had never heard before that vaccines could be so bad... I knew it could make them a little sick, but I never thought it would go to the point of killing them...

    Never in my life have I heard of that happening to anybody, and I know lots of people that have dogs.

    Honestly, I think you're a bit wrong when you say it's not your vet. I know, the vaccinations are harsh on the animals, but your vet didn't tell you about the side effects, or try to do anything about it. And when you did tell them you thought it was that, they didn't do anything about it, or even pass tests to see if it was the vaccinations or not that were bothering your little friend.

    The vaccinations are a bit at fault here, but I would say it's mostly your vet's fault, and I would strongly recommend you go to another one.

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    I m very sorry for your dog. I know its very hard time for you. We never forget our love dog. I think your dog was amazing. Don't be depressed. My condolences for you. Never lose your hope.
    You are in my thoughts and I pray to God for you.
    May God bless you.



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