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Thread: what breed?

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    what breed?

    I am planning to adopt a puppy :D. The puppy 's foto is in this
    The SPCA says it's half shep.
    Can anyone tell what breed is this puppy?

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    sorry, i just checked that link is not working. But it works on the Internet explorer (cut and paste). Sorry for the trouble. I do not have a foto of her. thanks!

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    it doesn't work because you have a period at the end of the link. take the period out and it works just fine.

    they call her a shepherd mix. i don't see the shepherd at all though. i'd call her a golden retriever or yellow lab mix.

    good luck with your new pup!

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    Thank you, DogMom for letting me know about the puppy's breed.
    I have edited my message.
    Thank you

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    what a darling pup you lucky lucky bugger!!! i would also say goldie or lab.
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    I don't care what kind she is, but you better go get her before I do! :D
    What a sweet face.

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    Thank you, ritabooker. She is my first pet and i wanted to know the breed so that i could prepare myself. Thanks again!

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    I see the shepard in her, but I own a shepard lab mix, so I've seen the body type before. Unfortunatly puppies are notoriously hard to breed guess do to them all looking very similar. I would say shepard yellow lab mix. I don't see golden in there at all, but the dark streak between the eyes show the shepard.
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