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Thread: Ear infections

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    Ear infections

    I own a lab that of course loves to swim. She has gotten an ear infection I assume from the water. I wipe out her ears after she goes in the water but I was wondering if there was something I should clean them out with as well to clean them better and avoid future infections. Thanks so much, Jennifer

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    i would go to the vets to double check it is indeed an infection. it could be ear mites.
    does it smell? what colour is the discharge?
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    Agree with Smiffy that the infection should be checked.

    There was a product I used to use for one of our lab mixes, that was to help keep his oil ears a bit drier. It was called ChlorhexiDerm:
    Topical, Antimicrobial, Cleansing/Drying Solution for dogs, cats and horses.

    Good luck.

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    I did take her to the vet last Friday and it was in fact an ear infection. She is now on 2 pills daily as well as ear cleaner and meds for that. I was wondering if anyone has a good way of giving pills to dogs. I have tried putting it into a variety of different foods but shes smart and always gets the food and spits out the pill. I dont like to have to shove it to the back of her throat and hold her mouth closed it just seems mean, so any other options or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jen

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    Wispride, Sharp Cheddar...that awful-for-you cheese spread. Works like a charm on Abby. Just coat the pill with it.

    Try the ChlorhexiDerm after she swims...when she is all through with her current treatments.

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    Ear infections can be very painful for a pooch, and we applaud you for getting him to a vet as soon as you can.
    While you wait, you can give him baby aspirin, or a child's dose of regular aspirin (no Tylenol or anything like that - just aspirin; other pain relievers can contain chemicals toxic to dogs) to help moderate the pain. Some chamomile tea may also help to calm him down, so he sleeps better despite the ear-ache.
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    Our dog was getting infections from being in the water as well. This seems to be a regular occurance because after taking him to the vet all the time they gave us a solution to treat the ear with prier to getting the infection. He is a lab as well and those long ears don't let the air get in to dry things out so the bacteria is able to grow. Now we just add some solution I think its called Malsebo to a cotton ball and massage into the ear, remove the cotton and set to go. Works like a charm for years now if we keep on top of it no problems!

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    When dogs ear infection flares up they experience pain and general misery which is obvious.
    Some dogs have chronic ear problems, and it can be a pain for you in attempts to find the right dog ear treatment for your dog that will actually work and solve the problem of recurring ear infections.
    Dog ear mites are also a common problem with dog ears and associated with dogs ears infections.
    Ear Mites bite at the dogs ears and also cause the dogs ears to be very red and sore.
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