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    Animal killer on the loose....beware!

    I swear the world is becoming such a horrific place to live in. Here is a news story about a woman who pretends to work for rescues and collects pets to drown them in a trash can. She has been reported to work at animal shelters, rescue groups and vet clinics...she has admitted to killing at least 650 dogs, puppies and cats and is currently on the run from law officals....the news story link has her picture as well so it would be best for people to be aware of her and what she is up to....
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    Horrific. Just when you think it won't get any worse.

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    Actually, you're right. The world is unsafe for animals today, because animal killers exist even in my neighborhood. You see, my neighbor poisoned my pup a month ago.
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    Oh gods, so sorry to hear that, I can't understand people like that. I'm just thankful I have never lived in an area where that has been a concern for us.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Sorry this happened to your pup. I don't know what is wrong with people.

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    thats awefull

    im very sorry to hear about your pup :( people can be so evil. u have to be a very little person to kill such a small inocent soul.

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    I have a friend named Sven,who's nabers poisened his dog. :(
    animals are great!

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    this may seem harsh but:


    I absoulutely hate people who kill hurt or do any thing harmful to animals


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    From our understanding animal is vulnerable at this time, because each person is looking to kill animals it cut forests, killing animals Pakshayoan, hunt wild animals and their species are destroyed, thus their protection from animal can not, their safety in the hands of Jwaro! But in our hands. If we want the finished birds can be avoided.
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    Many offices nowadays have a more relaxed pet policy, but there's definitely a good way to go around this and a bad way. The Partnership for Animal Welfare has come up with a few tips for making Zippy's trip to the office a good one.
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