My cat Quincy is now just over 3 months old so my furniture is now destroyed, my bank balance is empty and my arms a bleeding mess. I think a large part of this is I've been spoiling him... he gets two pouches of wet food a day, mixed in with some dry stuff which he hates but which I hope will thicken up his poop.

Then on Friday I saw this video on TV:, about three months too late. It was, quite frankly, an excellent barrage of advice for looking after kittens, and it gave me an idea. The vet on the show said that all he needs is dry food (cheaper and cleaner I've noticed...), so I duly removed his pouch, filled his bowl with dry food and watched with anticipation.

Four hours later his high-pitched meowing was unbearable.

Do other people just feed their cats dry stuff? How do you convince them to eat it? HELP!!