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Gerald McClellan - ex boxer and dog fighter being honored

On Saturday Feb 24th the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London is
hosting an event called the Gerald McClellan Benefit Evening. McClellan is
a disabled American ex-boxer left with brain damage after his fight with
Nigel Benn 10 years ago - he's partially paralysed, totally blind, &
virtually deaf. Top sports stars & celebrities are attending this
high-profile fundraising evening for him.

McClellan bred, trained & fought pitbulls all his adult life. 'Training'
consisted of him getting dogs, cats & other animals from pet shops & rescue
centres & throwing them in with his pitbulls, which he claimed needed to
taste blood & kill every day.

The 'rescued' dogs had their muzzles taped shut so they couldn't defend
themselves & therefore injure his valuable pitbulls; they also had their
paws tied together. Then McClellan would set one of his dogs on them as
they lay there defenseless & terrified, unable to get up or run away,
unable to cower away
from the ferocious attack, unable even to yelp.

Appallingly, McClellan also used to video himself carrying out these
atrocities - he enjoyed what he was doing so much that he got actual
pleasure from watching it back later on - he called it
'entertainment'Appallingly, McClellan also used to video himself carrying
out these atrocities - he enjoyed

Tellingly, his cousin said of him: "Gerald likes killin' things." He also
described McClellan as: "A violent, violent, violent, violent, violent
man." Scary.

This is the man whom top sports stars & celebrities are going to honour &
fawn over on February 24th, with all the Press watching. They're going to
hold him up as a hero. Give him a standing ovation. Talk about his dignity
and courage. His own website describes him as a 'gallant & noble man' -
anyone else feel like vomiting?

I've written to all the papers & got nowhere - no one wants to touch this
story, probably because of his disabilities. To me his current health is
irrelevant: he's still the same man who tortured & terrified animals until
they were dead, still the same man who did it over & over again. Still the
same man
who videotaped it because he liked watching defenseless animals being torn
to pieces while all they could do was squirm in agony & whine in terror.

The Press haven't done anything, nor have other animal welfare groups I've
contacted. I'm running out of options. I'm stuck up here in Huddersfield &
feel so frustrated. I want something the media will take interest in - I
suggested a Name & Shame campaign, but they didn't even go for that. So:
are there any groups in London who could organise a demonstration outside
the Grosvenor
on the benefit night? Most of the people going know about McClellan's past:
by attending the event they're condoning his actions & to me should be
called to account for that - they're condoning the dog-fights, the animals
taken from pet shops and rescue centres thinking they'd got a kind new
home, the appalling restraining of the dogs so callously used as 'sparring'
for the pitbulls. There are even rumours that he set his dogs on a litter
of puppies.

(,00.html) -
for more details about him.

www.geraldmcclellanwww.geraldmcclellan<WBR> - contains a constan

I am totally contactable if anyone wants to PM me about this issue.

If a demo can't be organised, please could as many people as possible write
to the Grosvenor House Hotel complaining about the event? Here are a few
addresses you might feel like emailing: - Ken Livingstone is trumpeting his Animal Welfare
Framework: get him to make it valid!

peoplenews@mgn.peopl - cast members on the guest list (put 'Seconds Out' in subject box) - Labour sports secretary

The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London, W1K 7TN

Sorry this is such a long post but I can't tell you how strongly I feel
about this. My Dad's spreading the word throughout the Manchester boxing
scene & has a lot of respected people on his side, but we can't seem to get
anything actually done. We want the event cancelled: McClellan can do what
he wants - we just don't want to see him being honoured & feted & no one
saying anything
about what he's really like.

Cancelled would be great. But to be honest, a demonstration would be even
better because it would publicise the whole thing.

Anything would be welcome from you - info, links, help. This site's a
breath of fresh air after the nightmares I've had to absorb into my brain
over this: please please help if you can.

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