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Thread: huskys

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    I love the looks of that lil dog. It looks intelligent and frisky.

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    i know Rita and its no bigger than a chihuahua!!!

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    well i did it and never guess what it bought up at 93% HUSKY

    Dalmation which i prev had 96%
    brittany 95%

    kerry its not a first dog

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    Kerry was not implying that you had never owned a dog before. Just that you were a novice dog owner. I consider myself to be very knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviours. I have owned, fostered, shown and trained several..not to mention had several litters (not bred by me, rescues who were pregnant) so I would classify myself as an experianced dog owner (though NOT expert :P). Even I personally wouldn't want a husky. They require more work than what I'm willing to do. I love the breed, but I know that with how my life is now I would not be able to offer the kind of life this dog requires in order to be a well adjusted family pet.

    And by the way.....the test was just for fun and to give you some different breeds to look at, you don't have to take what it says as something from the bible. :D

    Either way...if you are dead set on a huskey please do your research before jumping in. And I don't mean just read a few books and websites. Try to meet a few and spend time with some in person, check your area for puppy classes and such because with this breed I'm almost 100% positive you will need several rounds of classes. Something like a puppy socialization class and then Obedience level one and two at least. And be sure you can set time in your schedule for a nice long walk every morning and evening, along with activities and games that excercize the body and stimulate the mind during the afternoons inbetween walks.

    Anywho...good luck and best wishes to you.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    thanks no we have came off huskys now a bit seen as there are so highly strung

    why are blue merle colliues so cheap,are they bad tempred?
    are they good with children etc.

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    Dog Mom: What kind of dog is that in the picture you posted?

    Nevermind...I found out it is a Shiba Inu. I took the quiz and the Shiba Inu came up as a 94% match for us. There were 2 100% matches: the Canaan and the Welsh Corgi. Interesting.



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