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Thread: huskys

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    we are looking into huskies,
    are they good family pets?
    i know you have to read up on them,i will do.
    but are main worry is the hairs,we know they shed fur so would it really be lots of fur etc.

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    with a husky your main worry shouldnt be the hair it should be can you provide enough excercise and mental stimulation?
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    yes i can,how much a day is needed,is there lots of hair,we had a dalmation.

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    When chooseing a dog please keep in mind its original purpose. Huskys are an endurance breed...meant to travel miles and miles in one day hauling loads for people. A tireless worker who needs to have a job to keep its mind and body active. A 30 minute walk a day is not enough for these guys. Not to mention this is a very intellegent breed and needs tons of mental stimulation to keep them from getting restless (thus turning destructive).

    This is a dog that I would never reccomend for the novice dog owner as they can also be head strong and willful making them a bit harder to train.

    Don't get me wrong..they are a very wonderful breed, but it takes lots of knowledge and time to own one of these dogs and provide them with the proper life they deserve.

    As far as hair goes...these dogs have a very dense coat that requires some frequent brushing to keep the shedding to a minimum..and even then your still going to have some dog hair about.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    :lol: i have 2 dalmatians and as constant shedders yuou are used to stray fuzz on your carpets :lol:

    keep on top of the grooming making sure your not just brushing the top coat but as coutrychic has said much better than i his mental and physical welfare is more a point of consideration than extra fuzz with a husky
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    i had a husky once and not to be bad against the breed but he was a handful. i only had him for a little while, was just dog-sitting in between a transport for a friend of mine. but he was phsycho dog. really sweet and really friendly but he wanted way more attention than i could give him. he's a police dog now though so gets love of exersize and attention.

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    You seem to be a somewhat new or novice dog owner.
    A Husky would not be a good dog for you to start with.
    They are very enegetic, VERY stubborn and can be difficult to train or work with if you do not know what you are doing as far as training and alpha positioning. They also WILL shed, completely blowing their entire coat twice a year. I would not suggest this as a good match for you.

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    Here's a lil quiz you could take just for fun. :D Answer the questions as honestly as possible and it brings up possible canine breed matches that might make a good match for you and your life style. Not to mention it's fun to see what results come up.

    If ya take it let us know what it comes up with for you.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    i want one of these dogs!!!!! I took that quiz and it wasnt very helpful. it brought up 193 dogs for me. not really narrowing it down anyway. but my three dogs (i'm not getting nemore, just took the quiz for fun) but my 3 dogs now came up on there two at 96% and one at a 90% match. look at this dog though! it looks like it could be a big mean old dog sitting in your yard. LOLOLOL they only get to about 17 lbs though!!!

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    It gives everyone a huge list of dogs. Just look at the top few highest matches.

    Mine were
    Great Dane 99%
    English Mastiff 96%
    Giant Schaunzer 95%
    Newfoundland 90%
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras



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