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    Beneful Brand dog food by Purina....warning!

    A friend from one of my Dane disscussion groups passed this on to me so I thought I would post it here as well. Don't know if anyone feeds Purina Beneful or not but just in case be on the look out. The mod from one of the Dane boards has called and emailed purina on this subject and recieve assurance that Purina is looking into the issue but no news besides that. Anywho...this site below is supossed to post updates ad such as they find out things. Hope the issue gets resolved and the owners are able to determine what went wrong and whether or not it was something in the food.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Thanks, Crystal. I have bookmarked this site. Scary story.

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    i dont believe into those stories, sorry. first of all, to the first poster, if she bought the food a week before Christmas and noticed mold on it a couple days before Christmas, why was she still feeding it to her dog on christmas eve???

    the second poster says her dog started having upper respiratory troubles and she just passed it off as an allergy related issue. chronick allergies or not, why would you assume difficulty breathing is "nothing"?

    the poster who said beneful agreed to an autopsy......yeah right. that would be like them accepting blame for the death of the dog and they wouldnt do that out of the blue like that--that just screams guilt trip by the company and leaves them open for a lawsuit!!!

    the free coupon ordeal, i'll beleive--even if you call and say good things they send them too.

    and nonetheless--it's the end of january--why are people just now feeding food that was purchased before christmas?? if the food was moldy its probably becuse it's been sitting in some humid place for the last 6 weeks!!!

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    DogMom: I interpreted the emails on the site differently. This is not to start a debate, it is just that I found the emails on the site to be credible.

    A week before Christmas we bought a bag of Beneful dog food at Wal-Mart, DeFuniak Springs, FL. On 12/23 I noticed a tan mold like growth on the dog food. Our 14 year old Dalmatian mix had been getting weaker by the day and by 12/24 she was near death.
    I took this to mean that the dog had been eating the food since a week before Christmas, and became ill, so the owner checked the food on the 23rd of December and found the mold. She then described the condition of the poor dog as of the 24th of Dec. It does not sound like she continued feeding the food after discovering that it was contaminated.

    I am still feeding Abby a forty pound bag of Canidae that I purchased in the middle of December. One bag of food can last up to 2 months, around here.

    In fairness to the second poster, she did not say the breathing difficulty was "nothing". She said: " He was prone to airborne allergies so I assumed he was having one of his episodes. "

    I made this kind of mistake myself when Rita died. At first I thought she was having stomach difficulties, which was common for her. I fed her bland diet but she did not improve. She was dying, but if we had her to the vet 36 hours sooner, the outcome would have probably been the same, since we would not have put her through major surgery at her age with her other health problems. We did not believe she would recover from surgery.

    Either way, I hope they can determine the cause of the illness and death of these dogs. If it was not a toxic mold, it would be good to know what it was.

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    I honestly have no clue based on the claims of this email..but it surely wouldn't be the first time a dog food company had problems with it's product so I figured it would be best to pass it along so if anyone does feed it they can at least check over their food to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. Better safe than sorry in my book. I do howevere know that one of the moderators from a Dane board did contact the company and they said they were looking into the issue (whether or not there is an issue is debateable I guess).

    I hope they find out what is going on and hopefully get it cleared up soon.

    And by the way...I'm so sorry about Rita. I didn't know she wasn't with you anymore. :( RIP Rita.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Thanks for the condolences. We lost Rita October 2005, five weeks after Booker died. It was a hard time, but we shook it off and everyone encouraged us to get another dog as soon as possible. We did not hold out for long because we kept thinking how a perfectly good dog home was going to waste, so Abby runs things around here, now.

    Here I am off-topic again.

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    Oh gosh..I didn't know you didn't have Booker with you anymore also. So sorry to hear that! :( How terrible to loose 2 cherished pets so close together. That must have been such a difficult time for you and your family. I understand what you mean about getting another dog so soon afterwards. I lost my rescue dane Sampson and then shortly after we had Brutus here in our home. Though he was an unexpected gift, I never once regretted bringing him into our home so soon after looseing Sampson.

    I'm so glad you have Abby now and I hope all continues to go well with her. I know your a great "mommy" to your furkids and I'm sure that she's well loved.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Beneful - suspicious

    My nephew dog (as I like to think of him) was a healthy 6 yr. old Dalmation. My brother-in-law bought him Beneful. I noticed a change in Duper's health. Today he's in the vet's office having surgery because he couldn't pee. I really think there is a connection.

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    Thank you so very very much for sharing ;) ; )
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    Re: Beneful Brand dog food by Purina....warning!

    reasons like this is why I only feed my animals holistic health extension food. it is NATURAL and 95% real meat, it also has vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy =)



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