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    Please sign this petition

    Could you all please sign this petition for me?
    My dog, on Christmas morning was caught in a steel leghold trap and I am trying to get it stopped. Could you please also spread the word to your friends, family and any other lists you are on, requesting that people sign this? I need 1000 signatures to present it to the DEC.

    Thanks so much, in advance for your help!

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    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    was your dog badly injured? if so i bet you had hell of a trouble finding a vet xmas morn!!!
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    Thankfully we have a 24 hour emergency vet here in town.. they are open only nights and weekends...but she was ok. Swollen a little but my husband got it off quickly and she was not too badly hurt.

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    thats good to hear. i know it must be a massive shock but the damage could have been a lot worse for her xx
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    Signed, around here its snare traps that are the problem. Dogs get cought in them all the time.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    What is a snare trap? What is the difference between that and a leg hold?
    Does the snare have those spikes?
    People are terrible.
    How can anyone set these things?

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    we used to have a lot of snare traps in the uk but they've been outlawed now but i think poachers still use them. as far as i remember its like an open metal mouth and when you step on the trigger in the middle its released and grabs you. i think from memory it has teeth but not spikes.
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    That is what a leg hold trap is - a lever in teh middle and when stepped on it snaps closed and holds you.



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