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    like i say sadly my dog was put down,in a few months we would consider a dads happy,my mum and sister thinks its too cruel to keep them in and my mum said shed get one but wouldnt keep it in,she says she is a expert in cats and they shuld go out.sister said its like keeping us in. i disagree if it can be happy indoors you would keep it indoors. We have a main road so either we could go out with but it could run away ,or shoe it the non road way.
    how far could they go?
    also how much does it cost to start with the cat start with with all the stuff.

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    I don't suggest having an outdoor cat, particularly if you live by a main road. The fact the main road is there is an obvious danger, but you also have to remember a cat will leave the yard to explore, especially at night. Neutering and spaying will repress that need to leave, but it won't stop it. And outdoors, your cat can run into other, aggressive cats, dogs, people, cars, and any other kinds of animals that may bite it (bats, for example).

    I had a very frustrating experience trying to convince people around me to keep my cat inside.. during that year, my cat was attacked and rushed to the vet for bites and sicknesses four times. One bite was so terrible, the majority of a piece of his hind leg was gone. You could see the bones and ligaments. The vet had said it was a bite in which he was most likely trying to run from another cat. This is an example of things that can happen to cats that live outdoors 24/7. Not fun for kitty or your vet bills.

    I wouldn't be so cautious if you were in a rural area or countryside, but that road sounds dangerous. A cat will be just as happy (though perhaps a bit more restless) inside, and will probably live longer. You'll just have to play with it more often and be more attentive to it's food consumption.

    As for cost.. that's random. Didn't cost me anything (picked up a feral kitten off the street), shelters will be cheaper than buying from breeders. The Humane Society near my hometown charges $100 for kittens under 1 year, and there is no fee for cats older than 1 year. Depending on what you feed your cat depends on what the cost will be.. I suggest good foods with good ingredients (meat meals as the main ingredients) if you go for kibble. If you choose RAW, good luck with the research, there isn't too much on it and it can be rather conflicting and confusing, but do research a lot.

    If you get from a shelter, I would imagine the cat would have it's shot already, if you get a kitten, you'll probably have to see a vet sooner as it begins to grow more. You can make homemade toys that some people on here have given me advice to (maybe they'll drop by and link you as well).

    But really, it's all the same simple things as with a dog. Brushes, beds, toys, etc. It can be a couple hundred if you buy it all at once. Cats seem to need a variety of toys, as I read they get bored easily, but you can have payless toys because cats have fun with simple things like boxes and bags or your hands and feet.

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    well they dont bieleve it,its not a major road.


    like that 2 way.
    i said itl b happy inside ,they said its mean.

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    Well, I don't know what to tell you. It's not mean to keep your cat safe from danger. It's actually more responsible.

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    I was amazed by the products they are really great..i like them..



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