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    Hopefully it will pass soon, like it did with dobermens, shepards and rottweilers, althought rotties still have a bad name. Seems the public isn't happy unless they're blaming one breed of dog or another for the owners lack of training. Look at the guy in the USA who wants to ban all breeds of dog over thirty pounds because any dog of thirty pounds could be potentially deadly if attacking someone. Apparently someone failed to tell him about the shitzu that killed that guy in Africa.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    It's easier to point the blame on someone or something that can't defend itself than on someone who could buy their way out of trouble. Roll a few dimes in a politician's face and he'll keep their dirty secrets safe. People are terrible.

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    i think if there were ever to be a league table of the most pet dog bites on humans you would probably find it to be goldies, labs and jrt's due to the fact these are the most popular family pets. the media do not jump on these breeds purely because of how they look so the same can be said on why they choose the dogs they do to smear.

    i hate the news of the world with a passion for their 'devil dog' campaign - a mindless load of twoddle and the most irresponsible piece of 'reporting' ever. it has even changed how rotties are dealt with in rescue which is a terrible shame but rotts really are amazing dogs and i think they have a great many true and responsible fans who can help them to bounce back.

    unfortunatly i think the resonsible number in the pitbull communtity isnt as high as they are a status symbol rather than a pet for many and that includes staffys which is why the rescue situation for staffs is so desperate and yet 'breeders' are still churning them out :(
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    yep, I cringe when I see the hundreds of ads for pit pups & bully breed pups. Like do you not understand that these are the #1 euthanized breeds??? I just hate it! There's a surplus of this breed, and they don't stand a chance in a shelter. I wish it was required people breeding these breeds would have to watch these pets get euthanized in shelters. They just don't get it...
    * Please spay/neuter your pets!

    * Please keep an ID tag on them at ALL times (including cats!)

    * Please don't breed or buy while pets in shelters die! Adopt & save a life from an animal control shelter or rescue group!

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    The breed pitbull is not recognized in the Canadian kennel club, but I agree too many people around here are breeding this dog just to breed them, claiming they love the breed. If these people love the breed so much, tell me why the woman I met at the park the other day, told me the dog wasen't an American Staffishord Bull Terrier (sp) but that she was a bluenosed pitbull terrier. I asked her if she had bred the dog, simply because I noticed the size of the dogs teets.

    I cringed when she told me she had, both when she was less then a year old, by mistake when her male pitbull got at her during her first ever heat, and again just a few months ago at the age of three, because she wanted to give the dogs body time to get back to normal. I wnated to take her and shake her. The words Bluenosed Pitbull, give me a break, any reputable breeder will tell you, a Bluenosed dog, is simply a color of the nose and not a rare type of breed, a 'blue' nose can be produced in any litter. I wanted to tell her that she should learn about what is on the end of her leash before she started adding more of this poor breed to the unwanted list and selling them to people who were buying the pups just for the status symbol and wouldn't be looking after her puppies.

    What do you say to people like that? I just smiled nodded, told her how nice her dog was, friendly and all, and took my doughters hand, who had been petting her dog the whole time and took her to the swings, which is where we had been heading. I was so disgusted by what she had said to me, I hate it because my breed of dog gets lumped in with hers, and its people like her that give the rest of the dog world a bad name. Anyway, I digress, I'll end my rant with this, there is a pitbull problem, and the pitbull problem is this, what we as a general population are doing to this great many breeds that are getting lumped into this single breed.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    I just wanted to say that i am to scared to open the video as i want to sleep tonight and i get very much upset ;(

    My partner has a pitbull (he is netured) and he is the biggest teddy bear :) i love him very much and he has raised our jack russells and staffy and claims (for some reason thinks hes their biological father)

    I believe it is always in the owners / up bringing as our bruce wouldnt hurt a fly :)

    PIC of bruce and my wee java ;)

    **please note i would never put my dogs in danger and i always have them well exercised, fed, loved and would never put them in a vunerable situation.



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