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    the pitbull problem :s

    hey everyone, I love pitbulls and I have also 2 pitbulls, they are this sweet and I love their, but there iare people who think differently if you watch this video you know concerning what I mean
    its so sad that people think so bad about them :s

    here is the video :

    please leave comments what you think about that

    my comment : everytime i watch this video my heart hurts and i cry and i hate it when everybody thinks so bad about them

    thx from pitbull lover

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    Hi Rihannake: I didn't watch the video, because I don't want to see another sad video. I don't believe the problem is with the breed,
    but with the fact that the pitbull is bred to fight and kill.

    This is a problem with people. In our town and the neighboring town, there have been more attacks on people and dogs by pitbulls than any other breed. Many folks will not take their dogs to the dog park because so many times, an irresponsible owner will show up with a pitbull who is not gentle and friendly.

    We have had more than one case of children and adults being terrorized in their own yards by unfriendly pitbulls who have been allowed to roam the streets.

    Ten years ago, I would not have been afraid to rescue a pitbull from the Humane Society, but that has changed. People have done this breed great harm. It is heart-breaking that such a beautiful, intelligent animal should be squandered in this way.

    Recently, on another forum, a pitbull owner/lover said that he never lets his pitbulls run free, because even though his had been raised well, he said you can never trust a Pitbull not to fight, because it had been bred into them for so long.

    This is why folks are afraid of Pitbulls. It does not justify the treatment that a pitbull may receive simply because someone is prejudiced against them. What has become of this breed is a sad commentary on what some self-centered folks will do for personal gain (training dogs to fight, and fighting dogs).

    Anyone who is willing to raise or rescue a Pitbull for a family companion has my encouragement. These dogs deserve a good loving home as much as any other kind of dog.

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    I agree with you.Pitbulls are NOT harmful,unless trained to do so,I would rescue one from a shelter if I had the chance.I know that they will not hurt me If I treat them and train them well.
    And they were not originally bred to kill or fight.People just do that nowadays.They were bred to,fight cows,hunt and guard.Not meanly though.
    Think about it.Would you rescue a rottwieler?Or a Am.Staff?Or even a german shephard?Maybe even a dog like a basset hound?

    Think.ANY breed if trained could do the same amount of damage.Labs can be more aggressive then pitbulls.I mean I have heard of more people getting bit my labradors then by pitbulls in all my years (Whih I know isnt very long,but I have heard of ALOT of aggressice Labradors.

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    The first time I tried to open this it didn't work, I just did so again, itsnot the first time I have seen this video, in fact I love this video, I have since the first time I saw it, its a beautiful and powerful statment, filled with facts that can be very shocking. Its well worth watching, its not condeming pitties, but rather showing how people are wrong about pit bull statistics. And the last image brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat everytime for its truth of image, that of a loving misundertood animal.

    For thouse who would like to watch it, but are unsure, the video is set to music, something close to rap, but I'm not sure I would classify it as rap. The first part shows the misunderstood pitty, fight images, dogs on chains, dogs snarling, nothing too graphic.

    The second part shows dogs who have been hurt from mistreatment, mange, cuts, missing limbs, very graphic, very sad, the worst is a pitty missing her whole upper lip, which if you know her whole story as I do, is even more tragic, its very graphic. But I suggest getting through it, because its worth it for the rest of the video.

    The third part shows dogs in happy homes with people who love the and charish them. Lots of happy healthy dogs with their equally happy owners, very cute.

    The fourth is the most touching of all, showing pitties with their human babies, kids laying with them, playing with them. One picture is very similar to a picture I have of my oldest doughter and my rottie.

    In between each part is a bit of readin, some filled with facts, others with words of wisdom. This is definatly a video that should be passed on with a vengence and shown to the whole world. I personally think it should be a televised commercial, like that would ever happen :? . Its a great video though, and I would love to hear back from the rest of you on what you thought of it if you watched it. I find this video raises alot of discussion in other forums I have belonged to.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    I did not watch the video because I have a dial-up connection which is agonizingly slow for anything except browsing webpages and email.

    I probably would not watch it anyway, because it is just to painful to see the images of what people do to these dogs. It is hard enough just knowing this abuse exists. I will never understand folks with a mind-set which allows them to fight animals for financial gain.

    I am glad the video is available for others, though, if it will help people realize the injustice perpetrated upon the pitbull breed.

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    Yes, I remember doing a very long essay on dog-fighting which including the history on the practice, statistical violence of the ages, races, and genders involved, the psychology, the crime, itself, and of course, the breeds and what came with their nature. The pitbull is only dog aggressive, but that isn't much different than any other dog breed. Humans have always been afraid of animals that are big and muscular, because it poses a threat to man being on top of the food chain, so they take their fear out on the animal with cruelty.

    I remember using a lot of the same pictures and quotes, mostly from the Sad Reality website that had a lot of good information. It is a good video, and hopefully a lot of people have seen it and thought about it. The pitbull bias is still present and mothers still see them as ugly beasts that will maul their children, but the media simply whores them out so terribly. Brindle and blue-nosed pits have the biggest and dumbest image simply because of their coats. The second a big dog hurts some obnoxious child, it's plastered in the news and a mothers goes "it figures it was a pitbull". I wish people would take five minutes to study otherwise.

    But it was because of all that research I did I began dedicating myself to not only re-educating people about them the second I hear someone go "look at this dog attack article" and adopt a series of ones sheltered when I have my own place.

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    Yeah, I noticed the pitbulls are ugly mantality, personally, I think they are a beautiful breed with the biggest of smiles, I can't help but smile myself when ever one smiles at me. Wehave a friend up the road who owns a brindle am staff and he is drop dead gorgouse, with the biggest amd brightest smile, I just can't imagine anyone hurting or being afraid of him, hes so great, only thing to fear on him is that whip like tail, it'll take the shins off you, lol. I have faced similar reactions to my own dog though, at six weeks old, Jade was accused of being a vicious dog by a woman because she was a rottweiler. Then another one told me, without having ever met her, that she would kill my doughter, no matter how well she was raised, all rotties are killers. I couldn't believe my ears.

    I myself am huge on the re-education part of the rottweiler outlook. I have actally been talking to the hubby about getting a group of rottie owners together to do a breed expo in the area to re-educate people by showing a rottie doing the three original jobs the rottie was bred to do. Hopefully seeing a rottie herding and carting would help change a persons outlook somewhat. Problem is around here, the herding groups teaching rotties are letting them bite the live stock, and thats just not right.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    celtech, you post makes me think of how ignorant many folks are regarding dogs in general.

    When we requested that the utility workers in our area stop jumping our fences, and use the gate instead, so that we could have the opportunity to confine our dogs before unlocking and opening the gate(for the dogs protection as well as the security of the human)...the response from them was "Oh, so you have viscious dogs, then?"

    I was astonished when I realized these people did not realize that we were asking for their cooperation in our effort to be as responsible as possible by removing the possibility of a dog bite incident that may have occured when a good dog is startled or frightened by a trespasser, or by someone who is just a jerk around dogs. I could get on a tear about this, but will stop now. I just wish people could stop and think. Even if they don't become dog lovers, at least a little consideration could broaden their perspectives. That would be a good thing.

    P.S. Our vet keeps a Rottie in the office...very sweet girl.

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    Our vet had a rottie in her clinic as well, moved here from BC and had been an ex-therpy dog, retired due to her age, she was ten when we first met her. I agree about the ignorance of people, why should dog owners be the only ones who have to go out of their way for other people. When I have repair people come to my home, I put my rottie in her create or in our washroom so as not to alarm the repair men because of her breed, then I leash my shepard, big black dogs apparently are imposing, hmmm, fat tubby shepard lab mix who whines for attention, yeah, thats scary :?

    I even had one guy ask me to put him away too, I was more then insulted and when the hubby found out he was mad telling me no one had a right to ask me to put Dakota away. When my dad's girlfriend comes over I put the dogs on the other side of our baby gate to keep them away from her because shes afraid of large dogs, and my grandparents would never come to visit us. As if we had no control of our dogs at all. It never seases to amaze me how far dog owners will go to stop from encountering issues between dog haters and themselves. For once I would like to see someone do something for the dog owner.

    But hey at least now I know how to keep the NS power guys from coming to read my meter, lol.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    it's another reason to hate the news & media. The reality is that when someone identifies a dog that has attacked someone, they always go with pitbull. But there have been TONS of cases where they were misidentified & infact weren't pitbulls at all. The only stories the media talks about as far as pets attacking people is when pitbulls (or believed to be pitbulls) are the attackers. They don't mention the fact that labrador retrievers are actually #1 in the highest # of attacks on people. The pitbull is unfortunately has the highest # of fatal attacks, but that is ONLY b/c their breed has the locked jaw (and of course b/c most people who get pits, get them for all the wrong reasons, neglect them or abuse them or train them to fight/be aggressive). I LOVE pitbulls and also HATE that people can be so ignorant & believe everything they hear from the media & most haven't even met a pitbull in their life to have the right to judge like that. I just hate it.
    * Please spay/neuter your pets!

    * Please keep an ID tag on them at ALL times (including cats!)

    * Please don't breed or buy while pets in shelters die! Adopt & save a life from an animal control shelter or rescue group!



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