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    To teach a dog to stay down I have always walked into the dog to knock off balance so they will naturally go down. I say the command while this is happening and praise while dog is in the down position. Never kick or injure your dog. It's not nice and like you've experienced it won't help.

    When your walking into the dog just make sure your gentle. Don't step on toes. And remember your just doing it to knock him off balance so he has to go down. Then praise and treat in the down position. Soon you'll have it so your dog will go down with the command only. THen you can work on up. :D

    Kota Will come up to me on command and go down on command. It's great for when I'm standing and want a hug. :wink:
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy
    Just curious as to why the knee in the chest thing is so bad?? I have heard several people reccomend it, not just the day care attendant at the doggie daycare.....
    Maybe you don't mind being slapped around<TIC>, but to most of us(whatever species we are), it's not all that nice. A knee to the chest can also potentially do a lot of physical damage to the victim. There are also much more effective & humane ways to modify behaviour too, so it's not as if physical abuse is the only option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy
    Wow! You don't think that's a bit extreme and a little harsh??? How would you like to have to do that sort of stuff?? I don't know if the NILIF method is for me..just seems mean.
    Wow! That's an... interesting attitude - you think NILIF is harsh & extreme and yet you can't see the problem with kicking your dog?? I'm lost on that one! :(

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    :lol: to mimic champ - wowsers.

    nilif is not extreme and in fact its like having lots of little training sessions in the day.

    now its been pointed out to you to ask for a sit before the food bowl going down, well as trainers i would expect both mine and champs dogs to be able to take it further.

    i ask for a 'down' and 'wait' while i put the four bowls down and the dogs are called up one at a time by name. if one of them breaks the down then their bowl goes down last and so they are called to their dinner last.

    now living in a multi dog household its important that i show pack status and i do this by having control over the food. its not like i'm letting them eat and then alpha rolling them half way through food.

    nilif is not extreme and there are many behavioural problems that can be eased if not eradicated by nilif. i would rather teach my clients nilif (a pain free method of bring order back to their homes) than teaching them to knee their dogs in the chest (a possibly tragedy waiting to happen).
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    if you decide nilif is not for you then thats fine but you have still been given some good advice in this thread and i wish you well with your jumping weimie just make sure you always say 'off' and never down unless you use lie for down :wink:
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    I'm just going to add my two cents here, not sure about, nothing in life is free. But as I grew up I was tought to say please and thank you, as most kids are. As my dogs grew up and we did training with them we were tought, not that nothing in life is free, but rather that the only way for a dog to say please, is to show manners. So asking your dog to sit, before being fed is like asking your dog to say please. So before we put the food down it was the dog had to sit, his way of saying please. and when he went out, he sat at the door, and sits when he comes in to be taken off lead. Its not that nothing in life is free, its that its better to say please, then to snatch something from me.

    On top of which, my dogs love to 'work' for their meals, not regular meals, but treats, you should see how hyper my rottie gets when I ask her a serious of commands, like sit, flat, shake, twist, even without food in my hand, cause she knows something very special is coming treat wise, weather she can see it or not. So try not to think of it as work so much as manners, by your dogs coming up to you and sitting, hes saying, please give me some loving. And Loving is always free.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    I totally agree Celtech.
    My dogs need to be obedient, and calm before allowed food or treats and if they are particular pushy or shovey then they need to back up and I'll walk first while they follow. I am careful to watch they don't get pushy or test me, and if they don't and are poltie then I don't follow the nilif rules, but I do revert to them if they start acting dominant with me. Then when they rememebr that I'm alpha we can go back to living life normally...although they always have to sit before I put down their bowls, or before a treat. This is simply because I'd get bowled over if they were allowed to just attack their food AS I was putting it down. Hence they sit until I can clear out of the way (grin).

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    I do the samething with my horses, if they can't stand back and wait pationtly, they don't get fed. I have done agression training with one of my dogs simply because when he was a pup he had agression issus, but now a days, he is a perfect angle, and the only time he is reminded of his status is when the hubby is play fighting with him, and pins him at the end to remind him who is alpha dog in the house.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    stop jumping easily and quickly

    If you so choose you can teach any somewhat mature dog regardless of size or breed to stop jumping up using a prong collar. You can teach a realiable no jump and off command in just 2 short sessions along with a heavy distraction and proofing scheme that results in a long term understanding for the dog.

    . It will require obtaining the knowledge to how to properly choose and fit the collar and the proper method which should be done by having a expert personnaly show you the pros and cons to all of the issues that might occur.

    If you need detailed help with the process you may PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celtechfarms
    and the only time he is reminded of his status is when the hubby is play fighting with him, and pins him at the end to remind him who is alpha dog in the house.
    EVERYTHING you do with your dog is establishing or strengthening his understanding of your relationship & rules(or of course, weakening it if you're not a good leader). This one little bit of punishment, if the relationship is already good and he knows where he belongs is unnecessary. It could also weaken the bonds, if he doesn't understand why he's being punished - if he didn't do anything 'wrong'.

    However, IMO it does show his attitude & your relationship is probably pretty good, as if this truely were the only time he was 'shown who's boss', it would likely cause him to either cower & be reluctant to play with your husband, or retalliate against something that was confusing and scary. IMO this doesn't 'remind him who's alpha', it just shows *you* how willing or otherwise he is to submit.




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