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    Is this animal abuse? need an answer soon this just happend

    yeah its raining out and this guy tosses his little dog out on the porch, then starts hitting it with SOMETHING, it might have been a news paper or a shirt. i live in an appartment complex and the appartment is like 100 feet away and i could hear both the hitting and the dog squeeling (sounded like a pig being butcherd o.o) with each blow, it was horrible o.o, so i wanted to know if it would be considered animal abuse, or if its ok because maybe the dog craped on the floor... basicaly "is it alright to hit your dog really hard for any reason?"

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    In my opinion, sounds like abuse, but I would make sure I was truely seeing what I was seeing. Call your local SPCA and report the abuse, they will go in and look into it. Its certainly not abuse to put a dog out in the rain, mine go out to pee in the rain all the time, but I would never hurt my dog.
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    I feel it is abuse.. otherwise I don't know why the dog would squeal like that after being hit. Definately call an SPCA.

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    yup a dog would yell like that through pain. report what you saw, the more reports of abuse the more likely they are to go and check it out.
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    alright did so, thanks.. he was definitly being hit, i could see it, and the squeals were coming when ever the guy hit it... but i didnt know if hitting a dog with a newspaper or something was animal abuse or not... and i didnt have a problem with the rain, its just that its really cold, its a small dog, on a balcony with no protection. -shrug- thanks you guys



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