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Thread: training a dog

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    I also wanted to add that I have a dog that is similar to this. She can be aggressive to some people, was seriously aggressive to other dogs, and even now I can't entirely trust her, she could also be very destructive....

    I set up a place in my basement for her, with a dog door to the yard that she stayed in when I was not home. I separated her from my other dogs, but they could see each other through the fence.

    Now, we have had her almost two years and she is a model citizen. She is perfect with all people, she is not destructive in any way anymore, she gets long FINE with my dogs and stays alone with them now with no problems at all.

    The only issue I still have with her is her interaction with STRANGE dogs. She is MUCH better (she used to attack them on sight if she could!) but of course I'll never totally trust her with someone else's beloved pet!

    This dog came to me with a lot of problems but with trust, love, training and building her confidence, she has turned into a WONDERFUL dog.

    Not saying that will happen with yours, but a lot of the behaviors you describe start to go away when they realize they have a forever home where they are not mistreated and are not abused.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that with you. Attached is a picture of the destructive "killer" with my other dog. She is totally trustworthy with him and as you can see hasn't torn up the rest of the house (G).

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    i no what your saying. its just so fustrating with her somtimes. ive had her for 18 weeks now. here is a pic of her the day i got her. shes not pregnent nemore thow. her pups are 8 weeks and have been gone for 10 weeks. she was a relly good dog, quiet and calm but then wen the pups were 3 weeks she got worse and has goten worse every day since. shes good with my other dog, they dont play together but they dont fight or nothing and do sleep next to eachother. i gess im just so tired cuse it seems like all she does is cry unless she has my attention all the time day or night and its not like she will lay at my feet or nething she is always jumping up in my face or nudging my arm or taking things away from me. its like she has adhd or something. lol

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    Trust me, dogs who have had a rough road in life take time...lots and lots of time. It is absolutely ridiculous that the trainer turned you away!!! If you can try and locate a different trainer. When I started Blue in classes you couldn't have had a worse dog...he would sit and howl, attack the other dogs and even bit my trainer when she took his lead. It is there job to help dogs with their issues, not turn them out.

    The behaviours your dealing with are very typical ones. She hasn't been socialized so she is unsure of other people. She has been mistreated and neglected. Now she found someone who cares for her and is kind she has gotten attacted...what she is probably dealing with now is separation anxiety. Blue had terrible separation anxiety when we got him. We put him in our bedroom once because we had an urgent and unexpected errand to run...well that was a bad idea. When we got back the carpet was destroyed, he dug a hole into my bed and pulled the stuffing out, chewed the dresser and door frame and even managed to get some of the wallpaper off the wall!!!! It was VERY HARD not to completely loose my mind over that inncident, but with lots of work and time he pulled through and now I couldn't think of ever getting rid of him.

    Your dog has a hard time dealing with you being away from her. Right now my main focus would not be training per say..I would focus more on helping her cope with you being away and on greeting new people. She is totally lacking any social skills so she just has a rough time dealing with everything. If you can please locate a different trainer. Explain to them she is a rescue who has been neglected and has no socialization and ask if they are willing to work with ya'll.

    If you just absolutely can not keep her, please don't take her to the shelter. That will only make things worse on her. Find a rescue group who can help rehabilitate her and that won't put her to sleep. You could even contact a few rescues in your area and ask them if they could reccomend a trainer that doesn't have an issue with difficult dogs.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Dear Dog Mom: You are the one who can decide how much you are equipped to deal one else. I know this from experience. That said,
    I want to tell you that the fact that she is not aggressive with your other dog, and that they sleep together is a very good sign.

    Our Abby was afraid of other people, too, but she got over it. Your pup has more serious issues than Abby had, but they can change.

    If you decide to give it one more day at a time, to see if she can improve, we will all be here to support and help you. She looks like she could be a sweety-face if she was not so stressed by her past.

    If it is just not something that you can manage, then good on you for giving it your best shot. Best of luck.

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    Re: training a dog

    You need alot of patience that's what you'll need. He'll get over her super hyperness too. Just don't pay attention to him when he does something bad or get all hyper or needs attention. He'll eventually know he's doing some thing wrong and try to corect her.
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    try using reward method if he does something good give him a treat if he does anything wrong cut his treats off. then he will understand and you can train him very easily. but always you should need lots of patience when you give training. but dont ever hit him.

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    Hyper dogs can be so much fun, but they can also be a nuisance if not trained properly.
    Some dogs are hyper because of age or breed, but hyperactivity in dogs can be as simple to fix as a food switch.

    Tips to trained a hyper dog:

    1- Use up some of your dog's energy. Start in the morning with a long walk or run.

    2- Take him into your yard, or any place where there are no distractions, such as other dogs, people or cars.

    3- Do work on getting your dog to stop pulling and tugging on the leash. Always choose a one word command that he will remember.

    4- Don't wear your dog out on this in one session. Each training session should just be 5 or 10 minutes. Do this a couple times in a day.

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    Instructions for training to a hyper dog:

    1- If possible begin your training early ,when your puppy is 6 weeks old.

    2- Use up some of your doggy's energy. Start in the morning with a long walk or run.

    3- Take him into any place where there are no distractions, such as other dogs, people or cars.

    4- Reinforce your puppy's good behavior. Whenever he licks you without using his teeth and whenever he plays nicely and appropriately, give him plenty of praise.

    5- Enroll your puppy in an obedience class where he can socialize with other dogs when he is about 6 months old.
    [url=]How To Stop Dog Biting[/url]

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    Why are they Hyper?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are you feeding the dog? If you are giving them foods that give them serious boosts of energy, it may be time to talk to your vet about a more feasible diet. Another thing, you should definiately look into training your dog as well.



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