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    Quote Originally Posted by susan
    scotties scotties and more scotties i swear if i had the money i would have scottish terriers swarm in my house. they are the coolest little dogs i have ever met. i have two of them and they are the best. once you have had the scotty experience it is very hard to break the routine. i wouldnt feel right if i didnt have atleast one scotty in the house.
    That is the absolute truth. I tried life without a Scottie and it lasted less than a year. Now I've found I can't live with just one of them. But I have to say the same about my Golden Retrievers. I adore both my Goldens and my Scotties I'll never be without either breed.

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    Without a doubt, Dobermans. Everything about them fits me so well that I can't imagine ever having another breed of dog.
    ~Jessica, Ava, Scoob & the kitty crew

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    I hate to pick out of my three breeds I own, but I adore Cane Corsoes the most! I also have an AmStaff and a Bullmastiff. :D
    Bully breed advocate!

    Proud exotic animal owner: PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR EXOTICS!

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    I do not know what breed my dog. Tell me please.

    I do not know what breed my dog.
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    any kind of retriever. you just can't beat that energetic affection.

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    Re: Favorites....

    Quote Originally Posted by Heather View Post
    My favorite I would have to say is rottweilers and that is not a bias answer or anything (yes it and that is what we own, her name is Justice and eventually will own more once she hits about 2 years old and is ready to breed! She is just so extremely smart and sweet and kind and fast learning. She has been such a blessing to me and our family!
    I agreed :) I'm only worried about rotties health issues... We have now 5 months old puppy named Roki it would be terrible if something happens! I hope every dog could live a long happy life!

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    Re: What is your fav breed of dog?

    ^ Roki is a real cutie! :)

    Yes would be great if every dog could just live a very long and happy life!

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    Re: What is your fav breed of dog?

    I must say I'd prefer the Beagle, that's why I adopt Peewee since they're very intelligent and gentle dogs.

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    Re: What is your fav breed of dog?

    To be honest except Chihuahua, every other dog breed is my favorite. But if you insist me on just one breed of dog then it would be Pomeranian. It is active, friendly, protective and playful.

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    Re: What is your fav breed of dog?


    I am a HUGE fan of Corgis, something about their little legs just makes me so happy. I have 2 rescued ones myself!



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