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    re: breed

    heh! eeeyup! :D

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    Well, I like Rottweilers, too, as I like all others ( ;)) but my fav are white sheperds (did I spell that right?) and border Collies... I had a Labrador until last summer... he died then :(

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    Australian Shepherds Definetly! There the best i luv them so much
    They can be ur couch potatoa and ur playing companion.There adorable and the perfect size not to big not to small

    I luv Aussies,


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    Favourite dog breeds

    Hi April, I own staffordshire bull terriers I have 3, the mother and a son and daughter out of the same litter. The daughter is due puppies June 16th so I'm in for a fun summer! I love the breed, but the reputation they have got over the years is so very wrong. They are just the sweetest loyalest friends you could ever wish to have.
    I show my male who has done very well, but due to injury he's not been shown for the last year. He's sired a cracking litter of puppies all who have turned into good show dogs and who I'm very proud of so even if he never enters a show ring again his name will carry on through them.


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    Our Favorites

    My husband and I love big dogs. We have a 8 month old English Mastiff Emma and a 3 month old Bullmastiff Tyson. We just well in love with there temperment. They maybe really big but they are so gentle and loving. They are so good with kids and make great therapy dogs. Which both of ours are working on getting there therapy dog title. :D
    I am new to this group and would love to talk to other dog lovers.

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    My favourite dog breed would have to be the Jack Russell Terrier I love their personality and how they think that they can stand up to the larger breeds!
    Right now we have 6 (Zenith, Crunch, Buffy, Darcy, Rainy, Nemo plus a litter of puppies due the beginning of sept.) We also have 5 mini rex rabbits (those are my sisters)

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    We love little dogs!! Bichons, coockapoos, maltese. Anything small, loveable and does not shed!! I love lap dogs!! I have had a lab, beagle, and lab/ chow mix (after the neighbor's dog jumped a 6 ft. fense while my lab was in heat) we had these dogs when I was young. BUt I have become very fond of the little lap dogs.

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    You mean I have to pick a favorite?!!!

    Gee that is a tough question :D I love lots of different dog breeds but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Jack Russell Terrier because that is the type of dog I own. My Jack Russell is a great little dog : He is very loving, people and dog friendly, intuitive, clever, and he is a lot of fun and a great source of joy and enjoyment in my life. He gets into a little mischief every now and then and sometimes orders me around, but he does know that I am The boss. He is voice sensitive so responds when I discipline.. when I got him as a puppy, it only took a week for me to potty train him and a few days for him to learn not to chew on the carpet. He has never been a chewer.. he has a great temperament.. you can pet him when he eats and even take something out of his mouth and he won't so much as growl. ( I take things out of his sneaky little mouth if I leave the room and catch him stealing!). I could go on and on. :lol: :lol:

    Other favorite breeds are labs and rotts and many others.

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    Well Ruby had her pups on 12th June, she had 6 and yes I ended keeping one. Minnie is 17 weeks now and is doing great. I hope to show her as soon as she's old enough.

    I've tried to pos a picture of her but cann't seem to do it.

    Anne :D

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    my fav. breed is spanish mastiffs
    they are so great in size and love check them out at there rare but great dogs
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    thanks for your time



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