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    What is your fav breed of dog?

    Just an opening question to get to know some people :)

    What is your favorite breed of dog and why? And what kind of dogs do you own?

    I actually have 2 favs. I am an avid Pit Bull lover. I am very fond of their personalities. My lil pittie acts like a clown! I also love his learning abilities. He picks up on my actions and sometimes I swear he's half human!

    The second are Chow Chows. My mother raised them when I was growing up and that was the only dog I ever owned for the first 16 years of my life. They were like big cuddly teddy bears. I don't own any right now but I really would love to find one.

    Well take care all,

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    My favorite I would have to say is rottweilers and that is not a bias answer or anything (yes it and that is what we own, her name is Justice and eventually will own more once she hits about 2 years old and is ready to breed! She is just so extremely smart and sweet and kind and fast learning. She has been such a blessing to me and our family!
    ~Heather~Mom to:
    4 humans...=)
    Justice(8 mth old rottie pup)
    Miranda (3 month old Dalmatian pup)
    Pete and Max (cats)
    Storm (kitten)
    Fred and Ethyl(love birds)
    Jenna(belongs to son) and Angel(belongs to daughter)(hamsters)

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    Welllllll...I have to go with rotties too.
    They are so steadfast and loyal and smart.
    I love 'em!

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    To be honest I would have said Pointer about a year ago, but I think I'm partial to shorthaired similar hunting dogs in general. I like the easy grooming and the high trainability of the breeds. I also like the breeds because they are great in the woods and like games like find it, and hide and seek. Despite so many that say these dogs don't make good house dogs I muist disagree. They have integrated themselves into every aspect of house life and greatly prefer to be with us 24-7.
    We have a handsome, brilliant 12 year old male Pointer named Cooper known to many as Super Dooper Cooper the Wonder Pooch, a 2 sweet year old female American Foxhound named Ekkaia, or Kaia for short, and the brattiest and yet loveable 2 year old Pug boy named Loki.
    Cooper and Kaia are my dogs in the extreme, they love my husband, but are my babies. Loki is his little man. Loki thinks the sun rises and set over my husband's side of the bed. :lol:
    I like all breeds, although I know I'd never own a long haired or thick coated breed due to the extreme amount of grooming necessary. I'll stick to the short haired ones that are easy to pop in the tub and a curry brush takes care of all the furry tumbleweeds. :D
    Anjie :)

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    I am owned by 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and I do rescue. I love the breed. I can't say I have a definite favorite because I love so many kinds of dogs!! Cav's are up there but I also love Aussies, Rotties, and Great Pyrenees. :roll:

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    Well we were adopted by a sweet and very active 3 month old dalmatian today and so now we have another favorite! Dalmatians and Rotties!! :D
    ~Heather~Mom to:
    4 humans...=)
    Justice(8 mth old rottie pup)
    Miranda (3 month old Dalmatian pup)
    Pete and Max (cats)
    Storm (kitten)
    Fred and Ethyl(love birds)
    Jenna(belongs to son) and Angel(belongs to daughter)(hamsters)

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    My Favorite would be........

    A Nova Scotia Duck Tolen Retriever! They are sooooooooo cute! I never had one, but they seem so adorable! :oops: 8) 8)

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    Favorite breeds...

    My two favorite breeds are border collies and shetland sheepdogs. I would love to have a BC, but I work long hours and live in an apartment. That is why I have a sheltie right now, that's my second choice. I love the herding breeds, they are so willing to work. They have to have a job to do, a purpose. If I ever get the time I would love to get into tracking w/ a sheltie, or SAR w/ a BC. I have been wondering, though, would a sheltie be effective at SAR?

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    my favs

    Well~~ my favorites are scotties, and irish wolfhounds!
    but I also love pits too, my dad always kept pits, such sweet, lovable dogs!
    How come big dogs always act like lap dogs and lap dogs are always the boss?!

    my aunt has 2 weener dogs, a jack russle, and a HUUUUGE chocolate lab. the weener dogs trow the lab out of the dog house, and the russle owns them all! :lol:

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    That is so true!
    I have always had rotties and a scottie.
    The rotties were wimps and the scottie was a toughie. Same with my little border terrier. I think that generally terriers are just tough little dogs though!!



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