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    China. Stop killing dogs

    i need help here. Olympic Game 2008 will be held in Beijing, China. the government is trying to CLEAN UP the city by killing all the dogs that are over 35cm at height. even the house dog! it doesn't matter if you have a city license for you dog. they even give reward to those who turn in their neighbors.

    i don't know what i can do except to spread the word out.

    RIP men best friend.

    here is a link

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    Its disgusting! I feel sick!

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    that is awwfull!!

    i cant believe people, it is absoloutely sick!!

    didnt something similar happen in athens??
    legs like a dolly

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    Yes, only thet were feeding those dogs rat poison and shooting them if they came within a certain distance of the olympic domes.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.



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