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    Chronic ear-wax buildup?

    Hi there all. I just adopted a new dog from my animal shelter she's a 1 year old german shepard and boxer mix. she was an owner turn in so she had a rabies tag and i called the vet on the tag to ask them about her healthy history and they told me all the meds that had been purchased for her and everything and said that she was healthy except she'd been seen a lot for cronick ear wax buildup. her ear isn't dirty or look like she has ear mites or anything and it doesn't look like she has any wax in it either and it doesn't seem to hurt or itch or anything but she won't put the ear down and every now and again it looks like she will wipe at her ear but she doesn't ever wimper or whine or anything and she doesn't have a problem if you pet her head or near that ear. she has floppy ears and the other one hangs down but the one that has this supposed ear wax build up she kind of keeps somewhat standing up. it's kind of hard to explain. but anyway. the vet says it's just an ear wax buildup and nothing to worry about and I don't really care about it like how it looks that one ear hangs and one stands up but i'm wondering if anyone's ever had a dog like this and what you did for it. my vet gave me some drops to put in every few days that supposed to like eat away at wax and all but is there anything else i could do??

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    In general, wax build up isn't anything to be alarmed over...especially if diagnosed and treated before it gets extremely thick. The drops will loosen up and help get the wax out of there...

    As for right now, it's more or less of a waiting game for the wax to break up. It shouldn't be long. If you don't see any improvements within a few days, I'd bring up the topic of a full ear flush. They'll sedate the dog, and do it in the same manner they do humans (they dont sedate humans). I can tell you first hand, wax build up is painful...I saw many of cases in the middle east where people would get wax built up in their ears, along with sand...and it's incredibly painful. 'They didn't hesitate to flush the ear(s) out. Once the wax is out however, you feel much better.

    If your dog swims a lot, definitely wipe his ears dry...just as preventative maintenance for infections. Check for any mites, or buggies they may have found their way down the those are painful, and could make another case of wax build up even more painful.
    The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham

    Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game. ~Paul Rodriguez

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    hi thanks for you reply I should have said the wax is built up so much that she is mostly deaf in that ear. vet said he did a diabls? test in that ear before and after the ear flush and it showed no improvement. she's been on the drops for over a month now and still doesn't put her ear down. maybe it's become habit to leave it stand?

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    He did do an ear flush?
    The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham

    Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game. ~Paul Rodriguez

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    this is my second dog and my first dog i take to the same vet that did this second dog's rabies shot and all her care (the same vet her original owner took her to). anyway he said he saw her every month to flush her ear out. i asked for the hearing test because she didn't seem to understand any comands and he said that's probably why because she couldn't really hear enough to understand what i was saying so we are in training classes now to teach sign language too and she is doing really good with signing commands. anyway he has to flush her ears every month and we use the drops every 3 days but it still builds up really fast. what other options or possibilities could it be?

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    Ear wax doesn't build up that quickly.

    I would go to another vet and I am willing to bet that she has a deep seated ear infection that requires oral antibiotics, flushing with Malaseb flush and the application of otomax in her ears.

    What he is calling 'wax' may just be 'debris'a fungal or bacterial infection.

    Please ask him what kind of 'flush' he has done - if he doesn't anesthetize her when he does it then all he is doing is 'flushing it' with malaseb or something similar and not really getting it as clean as he would if he manually cleaned it under anesthesia.

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    I heard from a veterinarian friend of mine who said the dog should be checked for ear mites and even if it came up negative she should be treated with either Ataraxx (one time in both ears because mites travel across the skin) OR Revolution.

    He said that mites feed on ear wax and leave the dirt of it behind which will clog the ears.

    He also said that he has never seen wax keep reappearing so often and that if it did it wasn't getting properly removed to start with.

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    okay thanks i'm going to call another vet. this might sound stupid but are dogs the same as humans where the ears/nose/throat are "connected"? could she have like a sinus obstruction that causes her ear to be like this? and if she had ear mites wouldn't she have the black mite trails in her ear? cause her ear is good and pink, it doesn't look dirty or sore at all.

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    There is NO question that is stupid when you have the welfare of your pet in mind!

    Visit this page: there is much good info here about ear problems including some on the structure of the ear.

    It seems also that there are many reason for 'chronic' ear problems - the NO 1 cause being food and inhalant allergies, also polyps in the ear in addition to mites etc.

    Good luck - I hope another vet takes the time to find out what is causing the problem - treating the symptoms without finding the underlying cause will not work long term.



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