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Thread: kitten ..

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    kitten ..

    now when my dog goes(hopefully thats going to be ages) but hes getting old and i was thinking next of a cat.
    we had a lok today in the RSPCA and theres some cutties.

    i wish i could keep one in my room lol and let him out the back,but we have a main road behind us,would he stay away from that,also would a female be out ALL the time,how much a day,just getting a general idea,

    p.s i wont be keeping the cat in my room.its just i love them,and how can you make the cat love you most in the family?


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    A cat is never safe outside and no the cat would be unlikely to stay away from the main road. I'd suggest that if you decide to get a cat, you keep your cat an indoor cat! She will be just fine!

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    yes well i would
    can u keep them indoors all the time,surley you have to let them out occasionaly,will all cats females anyway do that.

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    Un-neutered or un-spayed cats want to go outside, it seems. But, I wouldn't suggest it. A female will probably mate and a male will fight. That's all my little boy did when he wasn't neutered. It's not fun to deal with.

    When I got him neutered he had NO desire to go outside whatsoever. In fact, he seems afraid to now, probably because he knows how many aggressive street cats there are out there, waiting to pick a fight with him (he's kind of a runt). So, no, I don't think, if you get your new kitty fixed, it will want to go outside at all. And it really shouldn't need to unless you want him/her to. If you have a fenced backyard, maybe it wouldn't matter so much, but if your cat could get into danger, I wouldn't suggest letting it out. It'll have a perfect life inside with you.

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    ok thanks well ill come back when i get one and do that

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    I'm going to add my comments here as well.

    Yes cats can live their entire lives indoors and be very happy. I've even had a couple cats in my life that were strays and when I adopted them, they had absolutely no desire to go outside. Cats are smart, they know where the comfort is.

    As for getting a cat to love you, thats simply a matter of caring and loving it, they will return the love shown them.
    Everything not nailed down is a cat toy, everything else is a scratching post.

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    oh i would love him

    would 2 cats be good from the same litter 2 females
    im guessing 2 males would fight[/b]



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