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    victoria stilwell - "It's Me Or The Dog" show


    Anyone seen this show? What do you think?

    I find it such a refreshing change! Just about everything I've seen to date on TV here(Oz) with regard to dog training has been basically how to punish a dog - eg. 'dominance exercises', using a choke chain etc. People have been so soft on owners & hard on the poor dogs.

    The behavioural trainer on this show, Victoria Stilwell is harsh, but on the owners :twisted:, not the dogs for a change! She 'fixes' behavioural problems in the dogs mainly by correcting the owner's behaviour.... this being where the problems generally stem from. She uses positive reinforcement, explains how violence begets violence, for eg. punishing an aggressive dog, explains how to correct Bad behaviour without punishment, how to make CLEAR rules for the dog, etc.

    I do find it almost unbeleivable the level of problems needing to be dealt with tho - one woman for eg. had about 6 dogs that literally ran all over her & her family. She never took them out for a walk, except to the curb each day to buy them each an icecream cone from the van that visited(!!) & her husband & teenage son were told to stay in their room if they didn't like the aggression they were shown or the constant barking etc(!!!)

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    I haven't seen her show or heard of her. I'm guessing her show doesn't air here. Do you have a web link with more information about her??
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    I have not seen the show, but have heard lots about it. Kind of like "Nanny",
    only for dogs. If it is teaching the people the error of their ways, I am all for it. Most dogs can be trained to be good citizens and it makes a better life for everyone involved.

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    yes champ i've seen the show and enjoy it, no alpha rolling there :D

    isnt it nice to look down on your dogs and think you little angel :) i only wish i could do the same when super nanny comes on :lol: :roll:
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