The manifesto to all humane being

ęYou become responsible forever, for what you have tamed.Ľ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Itís so painful and hard to look at the homeless animals who donít even have he most nessesary things for their existance such as: housing, food, love. Most people are ashamed to look at the animals, which appeared on the street because of their fault. For a homeless dog, his owner is always the master, and he stays devoted to his owner for all his life. There is no place for anger, resentment or rancor in animalís heart. But some people are so extremely cruel to the animals! The animal is only Ďalive toyí for them when human use to be even more than just a friend for the animal.

Nowdays the economical and political situation in Ukraine is quite complicated thatís why people are exceedingly stressed and they often letting off their pressure on the animals. Itís really sad that pets become the victims of humanís selfishness. Every day, due to humanís aggression hundreds of homeless animals die! Some peopleís actions, which entail a painful death of dogs and cats, for some reason use to be interpreted as Ďnormalí in our society! ęUnwantedĽ or defective puppies and kittens use to be euthanized or thrown into the street. Old, often diseased animals are use to be abandoned by their owners when they are moving into a new house . Their life can end in different ways: either waiting for someone to catch or kill them, otherwise they can get to the shelters or under the custody of members of various animalís welfare organizations, sometimes they can be picked by someoneís good hands. In a few last years the number of such organizations increased and itís absolutely positive sign!But from the other side the number of the organization which killing the animals also increased. The government hasnít find better alternative for fixing this problem.

Ukrainian cities became something like Ďmobile crematoriumsí for animals. Their actions and methods look like the actions of the Nazi concentration camps. Ordinary citizens donít care about it, but we decided to find the solution for this problem. We have a well-structured plan, which will help to open the network of extra shelters, where animals will get accommodation, nutrition and medical care. We hope that people who were cruel with animals will finally realize that it is impossible to be strong when you the kill or ofend the weaker. Strong and happy person is one who is lucky to protect and care about those who need it.

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