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    Nice poem. Thanks. I have a Query, Can anyone help me find a good dentist in Austin?

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    :!: I am happy to see MAAJAA, recoved in good health after surgery
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    Quote Originally Posted by robin001
    Nice poem. Thanks. I have a Query, Can anyone help me find a good dentist in Austin?
    Great, seeking help in a poem posting, hahaha, anyways I have some solution for you, there are a lot of good dentists in Austin, so finding one is really more about personal preference and convenience. A great place to start looking for a dentist in Austin is on Yelp or a similar review site, since it will allow you to look in your particular area. You should also look around dentists’ websites, as this is the best way to learn about their education and training, as well as their licensure and accreditation. In the end, a little bit of research on your part can easily turn up a good dentist in Austin.

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    Can all dentists use sedation techniques?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robin001
    Can all dentists use sedation techniques?
    No, sedation techniques cannot be employed by all dentists. Sedation dentistry can be quite complex, and most dentists who are interested in using these drugs must be licensed to do so. Most dentists will mention on their websites if they have the appropriate licenses. If they do not, it may be a good idea to contact their offices to ask. It is important to remember that dentists’ sedation drugs require special training.

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    Thanks for posting!
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    Thank you James.
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    For Trot, my dead Macow

    I called you Trot
    As you loved trotting
    You've been active all the time
    One day you were not seen on the go
    To dismay I found you dead on that spot
    I was hurt beyond compare
    I miss you my dear Macow, my lively Trot

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    Nice poem and it is really looking creative and heart touching.
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