Demand Investigation and Termination Of Animal Tester/Torturer at Vanderbilt U.

Nashville Tennessee's Vanderbilt University Research Department has long been identified as one of the worse perpetrators of animal abuse in the United States. Most of their heinous crimes against animals, particularly primates, have been uncontested and uncontrolled by the USDA, given the fame and prestige of the university.

Recently, university technician Jeffrey Schall's horrific experimentation on fully-awake primates moved fellow technicians and veteranian
Maggie Tighe to protest and blow the whistle on this employee.

Jeffrey Schall's federally funded experiments use approximately $1.5 million taxpayer dollars per year to maintain his "Frankensteinish" activities. He is in direct non-compliance with federal and university regulations regarding humane animal care.

We are petitioning for a full-scale investigation into this matter and requesting that not only should Mr. Schall be FIRED but also to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.