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    8 mo. old pup in first heat and wont eat much, please help!

    Hello, I really need some help, any feedback would be greatly appreciated....
    I just got a pup a couple weeks ago, she is 8 months old and hasn't been spayed... I was planning to take her to the spay station when it came back into town but now I think its too late!

    I will try to explain what has happend in a nut shell so someone can try to help me..I am so worried about her...

    She is spotting red blood and her vulva is swollen, all normal I understand, however she is also lethargic and wont really eat... This all started 2 days ago when she went outside in the AM to potty and ate some grass.... of which she vomited up...
    Then I noticed the bleeding later on when she was laying down, there was a spot on the floor....
    She wouldn't eat all day that first day but had no more vomiting...
    Then yesterday, In the AM I tried to give her her dry food...which she wouldn't touch so I gave her a chopped up tomato ( her fav. veggie) and she did eat that, along with a couple peices of turkey lunch meat.
    All of which she held down and didn't get sick...
    She also drank water on and off all day but didn't want anything else to eat...
    Now this morning, I let her outside again she ate some more grass and has once again thrown it up, she does not even want the tomato now and is just moping around...I am assuming she is doing this because she must not have any energy from lack of eating...

    I would take her to the vet and ask but I have no money for a vet bill until friday when hubby is paid... I am so worried about her that shes not eating, she usually has such a huge appitite.
    I have owned many dogs but never had a female that went into heat before so I don't know if these things are normal or not, Please help! Again, she is 8 months old, and this her first heat... oh and her BM's are normal ( I checked)

    Thanks so much, hope I didn't ramble on too much, just trying to give details


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    My first suggestion is call your vet and exlain the situation, some will make an exception and others will give you advise over the phone, it sounds like she should see a vet just incase. Every bitch goes through heat diffrently and many dogs will refuse food during a heat simply because its breeding time, not eating time. But that does not mean you should not have her looked at , it may be something else altogether. Keep trying to feed her, its normal for a dog to vomit grass after eating it, and dogs will eat it for any number of reasons, from belly upset, to weather changes, to just plain wanting to (my rottie is a grazer and rarely sicks it up). Have her looked at and keep us posted. And never spay while your dog is in heat, it can lead to hemeraging (sp) and the death of the dog.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.



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