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    It's never too early to think about pet shelters and gifts

    Since some people start their holiday shopping so early, my cats wanted to pass along the following message. You've probably heard it before, but it's good to hear it again.

    --This year please consider doing some of your holiday shopping at your local animal shelter of your choice. Many have gift shops or online shops and your purchase there not only gets a present for your friend or relative, but also provides financial support to that local shelter. Years ago on a trip to Florida I shopped at a Shelter's gift shop (a relative was involved with the shelter) and I bought all the gifts there to take home with me for my family. They had fantastic pins, aprons, scarves and much more.

    --If someone on your shopping list is so finicky or you have a boss that you don't know what to get but they are an animal lover, consider making a donation to the local pet shelter in that person's name. The shelter may have special cards that announce you gave a gift in their name.

    --If you're buying a lot of gifts for your pets this year, how about buying only half of those gifts and donating the rest of the money you would have spent to a shelter--that's a great gift to give and both your pets and the shelter pets benefit.

    --If you are in Petsmart or Petco and get those coupons for free bags of food and you don't use it, then get that food and deliver it to the local pet shelter--some pet there will use it. And in getting those free coupons for food, don't forget that shelters do adopt out mice, rats, guinea pigs, turtles, rabbits, ferrets, birds, etc. so don't pass up coupons for free food for them.

    --If you have prescription medication for your pet that you pet is allergic to or your pet has passed away, donate that to the local shelter as you just know some pet there can use it.

    --If you are getting new blankets, wash the old ones and donate them to the pet shelter.

    --If you pet passes on, wash their beds, blankets and collars and leashes and then donate them to a local pet shelter as they can help other pets in need.

    --If you get too many blankets for holiday presents, donate them to the local pet shelter. What a great way to use multiple gifts that you get.

    --If money is a problem this year, which it will be for many, how about gathering up your newspapers and delivering them to a shelter. Shelters can always use newspapers and that's a way you can really help.

    --Some shelters have rummage sales and you can inquire if they have them and when, so you can dig through your things at home and see if there is anything you can donate.

    So this upcoming holiday season, try to keep your local pet shelter in mind as your support is a gift that helps so many in need.

    With Love, the Cats


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    Re: It's never too early to think about pet shelters and gif

    Great Post!
    I sent it to my My Friends.
    Animals always become best friends.



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