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    Shubunkin Color Loss

    I bought my shubunkin about a month ago, and have been feeding it goldfish flakes. It had beautiful black spots on it, but after a while it lost them. It is just plain white now. Is something wrong? How can I get the spots back?
    Sincerely, Alec

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    White is a common color for them so perhaps it finally matured and this is just the color it will be?

    Females carrying eggs tend to get larger and more translucent too. Maybe you have a female and she's pregnant? Although, since she's your only fish I guess that could be kinda difficult?

    I don't know but goodluck! Run a google search for shubunkin, it pops up a ton of websites full of information about them.

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    I actually have 3 fish, the shubunkin and 2 goldfish. I think I will have to get rid of him. I want pretty fish, and she is just really ugly
    Sincerely, Alec

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    Be more careful about which kind of fish you get next time then. There are a lot of fish who are colorful early but lose all their color and become white or silver when they're adults. Don't get rid of them just because they don't decorate your house. They may be "just fish" to some people, but they are living creatures, and they are pets, and you are supposed to take care of them not trash them when they've used up your own personal use. :?

    Next time ask the pet store owners which fish will keep color and which fish will lose it. They should have books in their fish section to look at for reference for customer questions.

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    OK I think I have thought up redemtion
    Sincerely, Alec

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    maybe the food doesn't contain color enchancer for fish pigmen.
    try the dead little shrimp, to feed your fish.



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