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    Re: What you should know about Dog Food!

    I'm glad to know all of these links as they are all helpful. Usually my dog's usual diet it based on the recommendation of our vet but there are times wherein my dog is tired of it so I guess he is craving for other types of food. I just research on and now I found this forum. Thanks so much.

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    Re: What you should know about Dog Food!

    Thank you for sharing all these links.These links are very useful and i will keep all these things in mind while buying dog food.

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    Re: What you should know about Dog Food!

    There are lots of dog foods on the market and you know they are in different types. But I always fell doubt because didn't know well or nobody gives a good review about any of those food items. BTW all your links are helpful, especially dog food reviews is the best one for me. Thanks.

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    Re: What you should know about Dog Food!

    This post is almost 12 years ago, the time is running so fast, I personally think that 12 years apart is totally different than today era where people are finding the most and easy info via smartphone and social media like that, but I believe the forum platform still relevant till today because of feeling more privacy and also the same people share the same enthusiasm.

    For the dog owner sometimes it will be picky to choose the right kind of food because certain thing like low protein or low fat could be the main factor for your dog preferences. But sometimes the dog can eat everything that people give it to them even fruits like oranges, blueberries, etc. Maybe this post could be updated with the most recent info or links to certain new research about the dog food industry.

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    Re: What you should know about Dog Food!

    Thanks for this thread guys! It helps a lot!



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