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Thread: Mix Breeds

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    Mix Breeds

    With all the discussion on mix breeds and designer breeds, what have you owned, and what would you call it?

    I had a beagle lab once, greatest dog in the world, but came from an abusive home, use to call her my beagledor retriever.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    I've owned mixes before. I never bought them from a designer breeder or anything. They were just mistake litters someone had and was giving away puppies for free. I think mixes are some of the smartest dogs I've seen. But I do not agree with the designer dog breeding fad. I feel sorry for the poodle breed. So many people are mixing poodles to get a mix of hypo-allergenic dogs. Except you never know if they will inherit the hypo-allergenic factor from the poodle side.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    I called Goldie a miniature lab because of her 50 lb typical lab body and her 3 inch stumpy little legs.

    And I call my Mexican Grey/Timber/Malamute cross a Grey Timbermute.

    And I've owned quite a few Heinz 57's (Heinz 57 is a steak sauce that claims to have "a little bit of everything" in it).

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    "Beagledor Retriever"... I love that name.

    We have always had mutts. We have always taken "free to good home" dogs, or dogs from a litter that are in need of homes so that they do not end up at the humane society shelter.

    We have had boxer/lab, german shepherd/?, lab/retriever, dobi/lab, lab/?, red hound/?, and now, Abby, who we are told by the vets, is a white lab with some American Eskimo dog mixed in there.

    We got Abby from the Humane Society, but I consider every one of our fur-kids to have been a rescued dog, since their owners did not really plan for them or want to keep them. If we (or someone else) had not taken them, they would have ended up at humane society or a shelter, to be rehomed.

    We call these dogs "Special Blends". Every one is special and every one is blended. We do not care what breed they are, only that they need love and care. Although, we are tending to take care to take a smaller sized dog than we used to, because we are both getting older, and it really is better for me if the dog is not too heavy to pick up, if that should be necessary. Abby is 45 lbs.

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    as a kid my family had a lab x grey hound people would call the rspca all the time thinking we were starving a lab. its good that ppl were vigilant but all they had to do was ask :roll:

    he wasnt described as anything really and his litter was so large his breeder ran out of names so as they were born on a monday that was his name :lol: great dog though :)
    all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)

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    It has been said shih tzu dogs are dogs are hypo-allergenic . I am here to break that myth, My mom has 3, the first one (lil guy is like my dog) he can sleep in my bed I can hold him all day long, No problem. But the second one (sweetie) If i have any contact with her at all my eyes swell up and If she sleeps in my room I can hardly breath.(We all know you cant decide which dog sleeps in our bed,lol)I wake up to swollen shut eyes and benadryl. The third is a mini but has just as much effect as her mom(sweetie). She is cute as a button but she is deadly to me. All 3 dogs are registered and have papers so it makes no sense,and lilguy the one that I can be around looks least like a purebreed. He has a smoshed face like a pug almost, the girls are show quality.

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    To all those who have a problem with 'mongrels', I have a pure bred Border Kelpie and a Miniature Shepherd! :D We think the second one's a GSD &/or black n tan Kelpie X.

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    Scoob is a Rottweiler/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and I've often called him my Ridgeweiler or Rottback. :D
    ~Jessica, Ava, Scoob & the kitty crew

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    lol, I love that one, thats too cute.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    i had a springer spaniel / whippet mix once. fast as lightning and dumb as a doornail.



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