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    Hank has facial paralysis. pls r/0>>>


    Hank is an 8-year old male chow/lab/shepherd mix. We adopted him 5 years ago.

    Early July, he started showing signs of excessive drooling and is unable to blink his right eye. We saw his vet, Dr. Eckloff, and was treated for a probable inner ear infection upon exam. We gave him antibiotics for about 4 weeks with Prednisone taper. Hank showed some improvement - drooling was not so excessive and his eye problem resolved.

    His symptoms recurred and we took him to see Dr. Eckloff again in late July/early August. This time Hank had x-rays taken and results were normal. We were referred to see a neuro consult.

    We sought a second opinion and took him to another clinic. This time, Hank is displaying signs of nasal congestion only on the right side. The vet we saw also referred for neuro consult.

    We have an appointment to see the neurologist this Friday, 25 August.

    In the meantime, I have been obsessively googling his symptoms and have come up with results from bell's palsy to idiopathic facial nerve paralysis to otitis media.

    At this point, we are so very worried for him. He seems comfortable - his tail is still wagging --- but, bless his heart, he's not himself.

    Does anyone have any assurances to offer me that this is not fatal? I love Hank so much and I'm so worried for him!

    Thank so much in advance!

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    Please let us know how Hank is doing. I hope this turns out well for him.

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    I hate to do this and he'd probably kill me for using him as a comparison but my dad went through something similar.

    He had facial paralysis in the left side of his face years ago. First it was his eye, then it moved to where his left nostril was "plugged", then the left side of his mouth lost all muscle and he too would drool. Then his left arm went numb and it continued down until the entire left side of his body was almost muscle-less. He had little to no control over himself.

    But, for him, his paralysis came out of nowhere and fortunetly it went away out of nowhere too. He had no treatment (being medication or rehab type). It just eventually disapeared as quick as it came on. It's been a long time but I want to say he suffered with it for almost 5 months or so.

    So maybe it's the same for your little pooch. Perhaps it'll just go away with time.

    Please keep us updated though!

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    Sending good and positive thoughts to you and love to Hank. X
    Keep that tail wagging!!



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