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    I have another question, this fly issue started recently, probably because of the summer season, if I use one of the fly repelents mentioned, does that means that I will "have" to apply it to our dog every single summer of his life??? or does it stop as the dog gets older.... you know, older dogs are usually more calm that young ones hence their metabolism changes. :shock:

    I'm ovbiously asking this to anyone who has experienced this with their own dog :roll:

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    Well I think I'm gonna still have to go with the flies are being attracted because of the scent of the shampoo you're using or the scent of the "wounds" from the previous bites (or a combination of the two).

    As a dog owner and someone who's gone through something similar, these things MUST be taken care of or yes, the flies will continue to come back. I'd say, again from experience, if you change to a no-scent shampoo and get his fly-bitten ears healed 100%, you probably won't need any kind of fly spray at all anymore. But once the flies are attracted to him again for the same or a different reason, they will continue to return.

    Flea bitten ears can also resemble fly bitten ears. You may think your dog does not have fleas but 99.9% of the dogs I've seen this summer who's owners were absolutely positive, no doubt in their minds the dog did not have fleas the dogs DID in fact have fleas. My carpet and yard gets cleaned/flea sprayed monthly and my dogs are on Capstar, Frontline Plus and garlic pills REGULARLY and get flea-baths every 2 weeks and they STILL have fleas!!!

    But regardless whether the bites are flea or fly caused, the "wound" is the same and both will attract flies because of the scent. You need to figure out exactly what's causing his ears to be bitten so much and then take care of that main problem. You can heal his ears now but if you don't get rid of what's causing the problem, you're just gonna end up healing his ears again and again and again.

    So yes, you're going to have to continue with the bug spray unless you change whatever's causing the bugs to be attracted to his ears.

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    Our dogs are bathed rarely and when they are they are bathed in unscented shampoos. This has nothing to do with it as if you 'google' things that attract flies (they are not like mosquitoes) you will see that it is only heat that attracts them AND open wounds.

    Fleas do not bite the tip of the ears - they are not the problem.

    You are NOT supposed to flea bathe dogs that are wearing Frontline - in addition to adding more chemicals which can be dangerous and is specifically warned against on Frontline's information sheet - the baths will wash off the Frontline. Frontline should NOT be applied within three days EITHER WAY of a bath.

    You should use EITHER Frontline (which I recommend) OR do flea baths but NOT BOTH.

    Perhaps the best thing to do is keep your dogs inside during fly season and only put them out at night when the flies are not active. You don't have to worry about the same flies bothering them next years. The average life cycle of a fly is ONE DAY.

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    Here's a website that might help.

    It says to try Vick Vapo Rub on the ears. Never thought of that but it's worth a shot, I guess. hehe

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    Vicks sounds like a good one. Also, Vaseline was recommended to us for Brutus (RIP) who had "stick-tight" fleas infesting the edges and tips of his poor ears. The vet called them "stick-tight" fleas and recommended Vaseline to spread over the infestation to suffocate to fleas and protect the sore skin. It did work. In a few days the fleas were all gone and Brutus was much happier.
    Of course this would need to be used in conjunction with a flea prevention program of your choice.

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    Yeah and it seems like the vasoline would help prevent flies from biting too (because they couldn't get through to the skin).

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    Re: problem with flies

    Hi, nice to be here and a part of this discussion;

    Flies generally are outside problem and they get attracted to certain things like stagnant water and animal droppings and garbage could be the most possible reasons so you should keep a check on these to get rid of these unwanted flies.

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    Re: problem with flies

    Why not start with the shampoo switch first? Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution - almost too easy. Good luck!

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    Re: problem with flies

    I second Garlic pills!



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