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    I think my puppy's sniffer is broken.

    One of Bambi's puppies is really weird and I'm looking for your guys' thoughts. She'll be seen at the vet on Saturday, I'm just wondering if anyone's gone through something similiar.

    The pup is 2 weeks old now but seems to have some issues that I can't quite pinpoint. She is healthy, right along "track" with the rest of the litter and actually has more of a walk then the rest.

    But she cries ALL the time. Sometimes I can pick her up and hold her and she'll stop crying (which made me think maybe she was just cold). Sometimes when I pick her up though, she'll start sucking on my hand (or any open skin area on me). So I put her down near Bambi (thinking she was hungry) but she just layed down and cried. So I put her right up against Bambi's teets and she still just whaled and whaled. I've put a teet in her mouth a few times and she either pulls away crying or she'll suck a couple times and then pull away crying. Last night she cried and cried and cried and I tried to ignore it for awhile. Then tried all of the above and she still just pulled away from Bambi crying. There were 3 other pups curled up together so I put her around them (if she's cold, she can snuggle with them and warm up) but she just scooted away from them crying. So finally, after about an hour, I luke-warmed a bottle of puppy formula with rice cereal and sugar and pulled her out of the crate. I put her on my legs and put the bottle down towards her mouth (so she was in the same position she'd be in if nursing off Bambi). But by this point she had stopped crying and was laying peacefully on my leg. So I put the bottle in her mouth, she bit the nipple a couple times and then started sucking on it. She ended up drinking 2 oz, I "burped" her, she drank another ounce and then fell asleep.

    This "routine" has been going on for a few days now. It's almost like not only is she blind and deaf, but she can't smell either. She just can't seem to find her way to Bambi but even if I put her by mom, she just pulls away crying.

    Can a dog be unable to smell? Is it possible this is the problem? Like I said, she's being seen tomorrow (Bambi and entire litter are) so I'll bring it up with the vet. But this just strikes me as odd. It's like she doesn't want mom or wombmates.

    What do you think? NONE of the other pups are like this. Bambi goes right in the crate when she hears the cries and will lay down. They all come her way and start nursing, no problems. It's just this one puppy that won't nurse or can't nurse. Her mouth looks fine and she nurses from a bottle with no problems. It's just Bambi she doesn't seem to "want".

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    Its a possiblity, or maybe something else that is wrong, but if I were to equate it to my experiance it sounds like colic. My doughter had night colic, and no feeding, handling, nothing worked accept burping or moving her to a position where the gas wasen't hurting her. Just a thought. Maybe what mom is eating is upsetting pups digestive system?
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Is the mom cleaning her and helping her to eliminate feces and urine? If not you have to do it with a warm wash cloth. She is not able to do her business by herself at this age and needs help or will cry.

    I don't think puppies can really smell until about this age.

    I DO think you need to keep her warm if she is not cuddling with the puppies or her mom. She cannot maintain her own body temperature yet and needs help. Do NOT use a heating pad but use zip lock bags filled with warm water under a baby blanket (make sure it is not too hot) and if necessary keep her under a heat lamp. Hypothermia can cause fading puppy syndrome.

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    Bambi seems to be doing fine cleaning them all. As soon as I put the "black sheep" back in the crate after bottle feeding, Bambi licks her up and down. So she's really good with that. And it's not like she totally ignores the puppy either. When she hears the cries, she is RIGHT in there with them and looks like she counts them, licks all their belly's and then lays down for them to nurse. But it's this one puppy (that is actually a he, not a she like I said) that just won't nurse. He wobble walks, eyes open, nice pink-colored gums. Same size as the rest of the pups.

    I don't know what's up but I'm anxious to hear what the vet has to say. I've tried really hard not to play "mom" too often. Like I said, I try my hardest to get him to nurse before pulling out a bottle but he just won't. And when I do bottle feed, I put him right back in the crate (after "burping") so he can settle in with the rest of them (not get comfortable curling up with me all the time after eating). But he must not see it that way. I sat outside the crate tonight watching them and he scooted towards me instead of Bambi.

    I guess my main objective is to keep him healthy though so I shouldn't be too concerned with it. It's not like it's an inconvenience to me (this is what I'm here to do afterall). I just don't want to be the reason he becomes dependant on me or one person and/or unsocialable with other dogs.

    So what do you think they'll do tomorrow? Blood tests? X-rays? Just an overall check, see that he's healthy and growing fine and recommend I just keep doing what I'm doing?



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