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    The grass is greener over there.

    Not quite two weeks old yet, Bambi's pups still can't hear or see.

    Yet, they seem to know the grass is greener on the OTHER side.

    Instinct? Or just an early desire to amuse us humans?

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    aww how cute is that. they look rather big though or is that just the way you have taken the picture?

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    Well for only being about a week and a half old, yeah, I think they are pretty big. But the bars on the crate they are in aren't quite 1/2 an inch apart so I think it's a combinatination of how big they are and how the picture was taken.

    (but this picture was cropped and enlarged too)

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    ok then, really cute though. i wish my dog was that small again lol but i wouldnt swap her for the world. :D

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    sooo cute!
    I think it`s just an early desire to amuse us humans.
    Animals always become best friends.

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    Is this comfortable?????

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    How about on your back?

    These pups are SOO full of personality already.

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    I could look at your photos all day, they always make me smile!

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