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    hehe yeah's just one litter after another around here!!! I'm thankful for a litter of 7 this time though. After Goldie's crew I was pretty wore out. lol

    Yeah, odd ball is right against Bambi and has one of the tan one's head on her. She really is extremely adorable (but then again, all puppies are). Her chest, "belly" and paws are solid white (not the legs, just all the toes). Then she's got a small bit of white right on the tip of her tail and then a little strip from her nose to the top of her eyes. Her eyes have black circles around them and then she has a black circle around the tail right where the tail meets the rump. Then her body's almost a white, light tan and black mix somewhat like a silver malamute. For having a reddish mom and tan or black sisters, she really is an odd ball.

    5 girls and 2 boys, checked last night. Then again, I checked on Goldie's too and it ended up 8 to 4 (not 9 to 2 that I originally thought--lol).

    I'm anxious to see if anything changes. Momma had two born solid white with black head and one with a brown head and by the time they were 3 weeks old they were spotted. So we'll see if these guys change any.

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    The puppies are adorable and so is Bambi!! X



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