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    Enforcing spay/neuter at shelter.

    So my neighbor came over yesterday to ask me questions about her dog. We talked and came to the conclusion that her dog was pregnant and ready to deliver any day now. So I asked her if she knew what the dad was and she said yeah it was her Rott mix.

    A Rott mix she adopted from our local animal shelter a year ago. He was 4 months when she adopted him so he's over a year now.

    Our animal shelter has an adoption contract and one part states you agree to have the animal spayed/neutered 30 days following adoption. So I'm wondering, why after a YEAR, haven't they said anything to her about fixing the dog? Because they didn't do anything to follow up on this adoption and neuter agreement, there are now 8 more dogs in this world without homes.

    The Animal Shelter of ALL places should know the importance of having this done yet they do nothing to enforce it. They simply charge $15 adoption fee and what, HOPE? you really do have the animal fixed? Am I the only person who sees something wrong with this?

    Any ideas of what I can say to have this enforced? Should I write a letter to the head of AC or to the chief of police (everything that happens at the shelter has to be approved by him first).

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    i would write to both then if the chief of police has a hand in proceedings.

    its bad enough that there are ppl out there who dont care but to have a shelter not follow it up - maybe the person supposed to followup got snowed under with paper work?
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    They are very busy and short-staffed, yes. There are a ton of things to do and not enough people to do them. But the majority of the problem with lack of time/tons of paperwork and so on and so forth, is that they have SOOO many dogs. It's not uncommon for them to pick up 20 to 40 dogs PER DAY. In the summer months, they also usually get from 10 to 30 dogs and cats surrendered for one reason or another. There was one day this passed summer they brought in and had dropped off 110 dogs and cats in ONE day. So yes, paperwork being lost or misplaced is expected and in a sense understandable with this amount of animals coming in.

    However. IF they followed through with spaying and neutering, there'd be a lot fewer animals being brought in and or picked up each day which, in time, will lower the paper work. Or at least it has the potental of lowering the work-load.

    I of all people understand getting busy and forgetting the matters that need to be addressed. I had spay/neuter certificates due in January and it took me until March to send out reminders. And I have one that was due in June and now that I think about it, I haven't received it. So I totally understand being bombarded with paperwork and other things in life that prevent you from getting things done.

    But, in the case of my neighbor, we're talking a year's time.....they've had 12 months to follow up. Granted, with the number of animals coming in and going out, they have way more on their plates than I do. But you're talking the average litter of 7, every one dog they've let slip through has brought up to 14 more dogs into this world. So if one female slips through every month in this last 12 months, you're talking over 150 more dogs that should have been prevented by proper rescueing (being enforcing the spay requirement).

    And I'm not blaming the shelter totally. Yes, the adopter(s) agreed to have this surgery done and as a responsible pet owner they should have done this. So it's not totally the shelter's fault. And I know that.

    I guess it just makes me angry to see this happen.

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    If she broke a contract.. isn't that punishable by law in some manner? Be it they have to reimburse you or you take away what they signed for but didn't agree to? Like when people sign for furniture, but don't pay for it like they signed for in the agreement, repo-men come and take it away.

    Maybe the idea of taking away someone's dog is too harsh. It's not like they were cruel to it, but they also should have abided by the agreements in which you asked. Perhaps you can give them a warning. Give them a vet, perhaps even schedule a neutering for them, and call the night before so they remember. Otherwise, yeah, notifying a chief of police could help. It could send out a warrant and enforce it.

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    Araz.....yes, by not having the dogs spayed or neutered, she did break a contract and yes it is punnishable. The "problem" is that the shelter for some reason or another does not "know"? that it has not been done. They don't have any system that reminds them so and so adopted this dog and it had to be fixed by this date. They just hope, or assume, because you said you'd do it, you actually did it. But the shelter doesn't follow up on these things and now there are these two dogs (who the adopter agreed to fix) just had a litter of puppies.

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    Maybe you could notify them since you know, and urge that they make sure their adopters do this. It's hard to really get the shelter to care if you don't work there so customer suggestions could be ignored. :?

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    I would notify the shelter and leave it to them to deal with it. Unfortunatly if they're anything like our shelter they wont care and wont do any checks at all. :( Unfortunatly, some shelters just don't care. All my dogs are spayed and nutured before they leave and I keep in contact with all my adopters afterwards too, so any pups I would know. Its a shame not more shelters are willing to take the time. They shouldn't allow themselves to become so over whelmed, they need to learn how to say no when they are full up. Make the owners more reasponsible for their own deeds.
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    Our local shelter usually charges $18 adoption fee, plus you also have to pay for the spay or nueter when you pick up the pet. You cannot take an animal out of the shelter without paying for the spay or nueter. I paid $68 to adopt my intact Weimaraner from the shelter. The shelter then gives you a pink slip that is good to use at any vet clinic in our area to pay for the cost of the operation. We also have a 30 day rule, but since I fixed Blue after 2 weeks of having him, I don't know if they call to check up on the dogs to see if they actually got fixed or not.

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    It's been awhile but I think I paid $130 for Hazel and got $35 back after her surgery. Her fees were $25 adoption, $25 for her rabies and license, $45 for the spay slip and $35 was a "deposit" on having the animal spayed. Once that's done, you return the completed form to the city and you got the $35 back. I don't know if that shelter ever called on anything. Hazel was supposed to be done 30 days after we got her but it ended up being almost 90 days later. They adopted her to us as a full grown adult, ready for spay immediately but the vet said she was only 3 or 4 months and wanted to wait 2 months to do it. But no one ever called me about it not having been done. I did get the $35 back though, so maybe they called the vet or he made note of it when I returned the certificates. If you're given 30 days I wouldn't expect a call in 31 days so maybe by the time they were gonna call me, they had noticed the note from the vet or something. Who knows.......that was almost 3 years ago.

    But I don't know about this shelter. I remember the Arctic White Wolf we adopted last summer, before I knew the supervisor out there, asked an AC officer of mine if she thought I'd really have her spayed. My ACO friend said the supervisor asked in a tone like she thought I had planned on breeding her. But I did have her spayed and I took the "reciept" to the shelter the next day and the lady working in the office said in 5 years she's worked there I was the first person to return proof.

    In my opinion, the fact that they bring in over 600 dogs a month should give them a clue that maybe the "I agree to spay/neuter" part isn't really being followed through on and maybe the shelter needs to put their feet down a little harder.



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