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    Incontinence in Male Dog

    I have a 2year old male dachshund. We got him as a 12 week old puppy and from early on we have struggled with pee pee issues. Whenever he got excited or showed submissive behavior. We put it off as puppy behavior till 1 year passed. I then took him in to be told that some small dogs have bladder control issues by the vet. Iv bought male diapers to live with this although I have 2 small children and it gets difficult at times. I thought it was something we just had to live with. Lately though there are a couple more things that have been happening. First of all the bladder issues seem to come and go. He was getting much better bearly dribbling if at all then all of a sudden the past several days the behavior has gotten to the point where he is puddling (not just trickling a bit). I am taking him to the vet tomorrow. I am just at my wits end. What do I have in store for me that the vet? What test might they run? Iv always thought he had a neurological issue as when he sits his back legs look broken....but again Iv put this off to his breed as he is very long where as my other dachshund's have been short in length now Iv finally gotten it threw that there is SOMETHING wrong(new vet also). He acts fine and eats fine but 2 and 2 are not adding together. Aside from the pee pee issues he is a healthy happy little dog. So any info would be appreciated.

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    With my dog who has leakage and urinary incontinence they put her on proin. Just started her on it to see if it would help and it solved it. i slowly lowered the dose until now she just gets one pill every other day and she is doing just fine.

    Might want to call your vet, have him checked out and see what they say about it. Might try the same thing, but you'll need the vet to make sure there are no other underlying medical conditions.

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    puppy 7 1/2 months old

    I have a 7 1/2 month old pug puppy. He is pretty well house-trained with a few accidents here and there. I am concerned though because today for the first time he is urinating I believe without realizing it as he will just stand there. There is no squatting or lifting the leg. I have noticed since the second episode, which was about 5 minutes after the first, that as he was sleeping next to me there was some excretion. I don't believe that this is just a behavior due to the fact that it occurs when he is lying down. Is this normal? Should I take him to the vet?

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    Definitely take him to the vet. This is not normal.



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