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    How do I stop this from happening to you???

    Letter to the vet tells it all...

    Dead end for dog owners- immunity saves the vet

    I understood that there was a slight risk, but I trusted you to watch over her and give her the treatment that all patients deserve. Trying to rush could only cause errors. Still you rushed.
    She was coming through now and everything was looking fine. Going to stop off at the park and pick her up a treat after her long day at the doctor’s office. But wait! Oops! We made a mistake! The x-rays have to be taken over again. A second dose brought her back down. Her lungs needed assistance, but you weren’t there to help. The universal excuse: “probably a blood clot.” Within that not so apologetic phone call from the doctor: “She was squeezed in ya know.” Instead of a trip to the park, she was driven to the crematory.
    “Time will heal” friends tell me now and I guess this is true. But is this is all I can do? Wait for my heart to heal? Why must I suffer with the final consequences without reprimand? Am I forced to “accept” the fact that your negligence has wreaked havoc on my family? I guess so… Her name was Atticca.

    This letter describes the frustration, but the facts are even more overwhelming...
    When we asked the vet what happened, they explained she was waking up when they noticed that the first set of xrays were too dark. Instead of carefully taking her to the xray machine for the second set of xrays while still being somewhat sedated, they decided to inject her with a second dose of anestesia. Again I tell you, this came from the vet by phone... They then proceded to take her off the ventilator and walk her over to the xray machine. Note to those who don't understand what anastesia does- it decreases your respirations. Now I ask, why would anyone who had given a dog two doses of anastesia take her off of the vent? She died while transferring her to the second set of xrays. The cause is obviously suffocation. Though they told us that "she probably had a blood clot that went to her heart." Knowing that my dog was very healty and only 7 years old, I find this hard to believe. Yet, what can I do? We picked up the document (yes, only one document that had no times on it and was lacking information such as the second dose of anastesia, oxygen saturation levels, amount of anastesia per mL...and much more). Comparing this incomplete document to all other well informed documents over the years, we know that this is not the original.. Now to really kick us when we were down, on the vet's initial phone call to let us know that my dog died, she commented "you know she was squeezed in." What does this have to do with anything? Coming to find out later that she was one of two operations that day- a normal day consists of 3 operations- the third one was cancelled that morning. Also note that the appointment was made 11 days in advance. The bottom line is this...vets have to be held accountable for their mistakes. I have the greatest respect for vets, but let's face it, it is easy to dispose of the evidence cause there are rarely autopsies done to animals. I would like to get as many people together to help me pass a law that would force vets to document everyting that happens during an operation and write the times in which the events happened- just as medical doctors must do. Another way of going about this is to force the vets to video their operations and allow us to have access to the video in case there was neglect. At the least, these ideas could help the animal owner fight for their animals rights. Immunity should not be given to the vet every time they make a mistake.
    If you have any ideas or think you could help me fight, please contact me.

    Bret Barron
    Wallingford, CT

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    Brett, I am so very sorry for your loss. This is a terrible, horrible story. have you reported this vet to the board - I can't remember what the "governing" body of vets are called, but they may be able to assist you. I know that something like this happened in my town this year. A vet "accidentally" strangled a puppy - broke it's neck while trying to "subdue it". The vet was reported and the owner was compensated, but better than that, his name was splashed all over the papers. I am sure their practice suffered as a result.

    Very sorry for your loss.



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